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5 Reasons That Supportive Parents Lead to a Successful Child

5 Reasons That Supportive Parents Lead to a Successful Child

Everyone needs a little support from time to time, and elementary school students are no exception. Supportive parents who offer encouragement rather than rewards and punishments are important because they can provide children with the personal incentive to try harder and be more accepting of life as it unfolds around their core of experience.
Responsive Parenting

Responsive parenting takes place when private elementary school parents provide responses that encourage development. They can provide this sort of care in a number of ways, but these 5 examples provide an effective overview of how the task can be accomplished.

1. Positive Reinforcement

When your child does something right, take notice and offer appropriate acknowledgment. Just as it is with adults, children thrive on being recognized for a job well done, and having their achievements praised encourages them to repeat the experience with other tasks and situations.

2. Builds Self-Esteem

Supportive parents help children develop self-esteem. Research shows that when a child feels good about themselves they are more likely to interact positively with others, act in a more responsible manner, and show respect and courtesy when it is called for.

3. Inclusiveness Matters

One way that parents can be more supportive is to include their children in household tasks, conversations, and events. Children have desires and preferences just like everyone else, and having those preferences recognized gives them a feeling of inclusion. Little things like asking for your child's opinion or letting her make a choice for the evening entertainment are excellent ways to bolster her self-confidence.

4. Practicing Together

Another important way that parents can be supportive is by participating in the activities of their children. From playing physical games to expanding vocabularies, parents who take the time to experience the same things their children are experiencing will have better results in persuading their children to try other things as well.

5. Role Modeling Works

With few exceptions, role modeling is the best way to encourage children and give them proactive support. Role modeling works, and parents have the honor of being the most important role model their children have. However, you need to be aware that your children are always watching and make your role modeling a way of life rather than an example in name only.

With your help, your children have the potential to become great leaders, renowned scientists, and astronauts of the next generation. But all of that is in their future and none of it is likely to happen without your support, guidance, and proactive interaction.
Why Is It  Important for Children to Attend a School Near Home?

Why Is It Important for Children to Attend a School Near Home?

There are a lot of reasons why having a Montessori kindergarten nearby is great for parents, but the same can be said of children as well. Just as investing in local education boosts community standards, attending a neighborhood school helps children feel more like a part of the area they live in. These quick examples should be enough to show you how important sending your children to a nearby school can be.

Physical Activity

Children who live close to their kindergarten are more likely to attend school by walking or riding a bike, while children who live farther away from the school generally ride a bus or get transported by a family member. One positive aspect of this difference is that children who walk or ride a bike tend to be in better physical shape and less prone to issues related to inactivity such as obesity.


Attending school nearby means that most of the students they interact with will live in the same community. This promotes awareness of community, helps children visualize geographic concepts, and helps children integrate socially by building stronger ties with their peers.


Children who are able to get to and from school in a speedy manner end up with more time-- and less morning rush. This can facilitate life in many ways, from getting more done to feeling less tired at the end of the day. Similarly, living close to school often means the kids are able to get more rest, and that aspect alone can have a huge positive impact on how well children learn.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your children are never far from a neighbor, relative, or friend will give you more peace of mind, knowing that they are never far from a safe haven. It can also make it easier to get children to school on time, which can make your own morning commute easier. And finally, you are assured that your education dollars are paying to make your community stronger, and that helps improve property values and make for a cleaner, safer, and stronger area to live.

The more time a child is able to devote to learning instead of traveling to a learning center, the more they will be invested in the process. Long commutes to school promote boredom and restlessness even before they arrive at school, and that means they already have educational impediments before the morning bell rings.
4 Key Reading Comprehension Tips to Help Private Kindergarten Students

4 Key Reading Comprehension Tips to Help Private Kindergarten Students

Children become more involved in reading and writing when they enter private kindergarten. An important aspect to keep in mind is that children's vocabularies are still quite limited, and they may need more practice to comprehend the things they read. To that end, here are 4 proven reading comprehension tips that will benefit children during their developmental years.

1. Age Appropriate Material

Trying to muddle through material that is too advanced for them can discourage Montessori kindergarten children from being avid readers. It is okay to challenge their skills after they have built a strong vocabulary and gained a broader understanding of the world they live in, but Montessori kindergarten children are best served by keeping the books they are encouraged to read within a suitable age range. By all means, put some more advanced books on the bookshelf, but let your children expand their reading adventures at their own pace.

2. Reading Games

Playing word and reading games is a wonderful way to develop an interest in reading and comprehension. Simple games like word rhymes, synonyms, and antonyms can be very enjoyable, and they encourage young kids to investigate the way letters and words work in even more exciting ways.

3. Promote a Growing Vocabulary

A large part of reading comprehension centers around the vocabulary your children are able to bring to the table. Building a strong vocabulary can be accomplished in many ways, including simply going places with your children and talking about the things you find there. Parks, beaches, libraries, and department stores are all excellent places to reinforce a developing vocabulary, and department stores often boost reading comprehension by providing a written name example of every product on the shelves.

4. Talk About What They Read

Language and reading comprehension go hand-in-hand. Talking about the words children encounter helps them develop critical thinking skills related to pronunciation, builds vocabulary, and teaches children how different words can be used to say similar things.

Promoting a genuine interest in reading is an important part of learning. Through written words, many of the mysteries of their world can be revealed, methods to accomplish tasks discovered, and answers to common problems they will face in life provided. There are no negative aspects to reading and understanding what they have read, and just about any activity provides an opportunity to learn a little more.

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How Laundry Pick Up Makes Your Clothes Last Longer

How Laundry Pick Up Makes Your Clothes Last Longer

Does doing your laundry at home shorten the lifespan of your clothes? If you pay for residential laundry services, do your clothes last longer? The answer to the first question is unknown because it depends on how each person washes and dries clothes. However, the answer to the second question is a resounding yes.

Paying for a laundry pick up service does make your clothes last longer.

Commercial laundry businesses use the most advanced washers and dryers to enhance the appearance of clothes after wash and dry cycles. The professionals that run commercial laundry businesses such as Laundry Care Express do the little things that matter for extending the lifespan of apparel.

Let’s look at a few reasons why a laundry pick up service makes your clothes last longer.

Less Abrasive Wash and Dry Cycles

Some fabrics are especially sensitive to long stints in water, as well as the heat and agitation that takes place inside most residential washers and dryers. Laundry Care Express operates the most advanced washers and dryers that minimize heat and agitation to produce clothes that look like you bought them off a rack yesterday.

A laundry pickup service also offers the option of dry cleaning, which does not use water and tumbles clothes more gently.

Gentle Cycles Preserve Fabric Quality

Clothes that tear and shrink diminish the value of the apparel. In addition to providing more gentle wash and dry cycles, residential laundry services also use higher quality detergents, instead of hot water and inferior detergents that can diminish the visual appeal of clothes over time.

If you ever have taken a frayed sweater out of the dryer, you probably noticed some degree of damage caused by the machine.

Getting Out Tough Stains

One of the reasons why clothes can lose a few years off their lifespans is because of tough-to-remove stains. Residential laundry services use the highest-quality detergents to remove the toughest stains, without damaging the fabric. Because Laundry Care Express invests in the most effective detergents for standard wash and dry cycles, your clothes come out looking fresh and in mint condition.

No More Folding

Did you know that improperly folding clothes can decrease their lifespan? A laundry pick up service takes care of every step required during the washing and drying process, including folding all your clothes. Not only do you save time, but you also get back clothes that do not present unsightly wrinkles and/or have endured the damage caused by improper folding techniques.

The Bottom Line: No More Washing Drying, and Sorting Clothes

Contracting with a laundry pick up service represents a sound strategy to increase the lifespan of your clothes. Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing the cleaning of your clothes does not bust the monthly budget. When you factor in the cost of replacing damaged and/or unsightly apparel, you can save money by hiring Laundry Care Express to provide a laundry pick up service.
How Do Montessori Middle School Kids Study The Science Behind Ice Crystals?

How Do Montessori Middle School Kids Study The Science Behind Ice Crystals?

Montessori middle schools use the same authentic Montessori approach as you will find in private preschool and early elementary programs. Middle school children love to get their hands on their curriculum too and have the ability to take on more in-depth studies. For example, they have probably already learned how water can be any state of matter, but they are now becoming capable enough to delve into the science behind ice crystals.

Freezer Experiments

Middle school projects include a variety of science applications, and examining ice as it is turning into crystals provides first-hand information concerning when, how, and why ice crystals form. It may take a little practice and some adjustment of your freezer temperature to form ice crystals, but part of the fun of science is the anticipation of results.

Video Examples

After a few experiments and talking over some ideas for why ice crystals form, check out some youtube videos on the subject. If you want to get straight to the science of what is happening, the investigation leads to ice crystal shapes based on the six-sided shape of special water molecules. And by the way, it has been demonstrated in controlled environments that the pattern of snowflakes can duplicate itself, but the odds of finding two identical snowflakes are astronomically high.

The Math of Ice Crystals

Math is at the heart of most scientific investigations, and discovering how math is able to predict the outcome of science experiments can be an amazing discovery for children. Everything from why individual ice crystals are attracted to each other to the reason ice crystals form 6-sided structures is based on the physical sciences, chemistry, and more.

The Montessori hands-on approach to learning is perfect for academic lessons in science, geometry, and more. Maria Montessori recognized that children were able to learn better when they were able to move about and physically interact with their lessons. Ice crystals are only one of many ways you can use science to get your children involved.