Monday, November 27, 2023

Simple December Craft Ideas That Build Self-Confidence in Kindergarten

As December unfolds, the holiday season offers an opportune time for Montessori kindergarten children to engage in simple yet enriching craft activities that celebrate the festive spirit and build self-confidence. These five December craft ideas are designed to nurture creativity and build self-confidence.

Snow Globe Ornaments

Snow globe ornaments offer a magical craft activity that allows Montessori kindergarten children to create their miniature winter wonderlands. This project not only introduces them to the concept of snow globes but also provides a tangible result they can proudly display.


  • Materials Needed - Clear plastic or glass ornaments, white paint or fake snow, small holiday-themed figurines, ribbon, and glue.
  • Instructions - Have children decorate the inside of the ornament with white paint or fake snow. After it dries, place a small holiday figurine inside, glue the ornament shut, and decorate the outside with ribbon.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Spatial Awareness - Assembling the miniature scene inside the ornament enhances spatial awareness.
  • Displaying Creativity - Children take pride in creating tangible, decorative items for display.

Reindeer Headbands

Crafting reindeer headbands provides Montessori children with the opportunity to make festive wearable art that showcases their creativity. This simple craft engages both fine motor and imaginative skills.


  • Materials Needed - Brown construction paper, googly eyes, red pom-poms, and glue.
  • Instructions - Help children trace and cut out antlers from brown construction paper. Then, attach the antlers, googly eyes, and a red pom-pom for the nose to create reindeer headbands.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Fine Motor Coordination - Tracing and cutting contribute to fine motor skill development.
  • Pride in Personalized Accessories - Children proudly wear their self-made headbands, showcasing their creative efforts.

Winter Collage Art

Winter collage art allows kindergarteners to explore their creativity through a variety of materials, fostering self-expression. This open-ended craft encourages children to experiment with different textures and shapes.


  • Materials Needed - Magazines, colored paper, cotton balls, glue, and markers.
  • Instructions - Provide a variety of materials and encourage children to create winter-themed collages. They can cut out pictures from magazines, tear paper into shapes, or glue cotton balls to represent snow.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Creative Expression - Collage art allows children to express themselves using a variety of materials.
  • Individualized Artwork - Each child's collage is a unique representation of their creative choices, fostering a sense of individuality.
These simple December craft ideas provide kindergarten children with opportunities to express themselves creatively while building confidence in themselves. Each activity engages young learners in a joyful exploration of the holiday season.

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