Friday, December 31, 2021

How Can I Choose a Great Montessori Daycare?

How Can I Choose a Great Montessori Daycare?

A great Montessori daycare is often the best place to start providing your children with a headstart on education. Finding that school may seem like a daunting task, but we can offer you a few pieces of useful advice to make that search easier and yield optimum results.

Reviews and Testimonials

Choose a few Montessori daycare centers in your area, and then examine each one. Read reviews of the schools, and look for testimonials on the school websites or other review forums. This can illustrate the best facets of the school as well as give you some insight into how the school administration handles problems and questions that may arise.

Verify Accreditation

An authentic Montessori daycare is accredited by the American Montessori Society, often referred to as AMS. Since “Montessori” is not a trademarked name, verifying that a school is accredited may be the only way to know that the school follows the Montessori Method. Other schools may claim to be Montessori, but the real thing will prominently display the documents that back the claim.

Visit the School

A visit to the selected Montessori preschool before enrollment is always a good idea. If you have never been inside a Montessori classroom, the tour may surprise you. Classrooms tend to be quiet and organized, with children intently pursuing individual or group tasks in a surprisingly focused manner. In Montessori, children have the freedom to choose the work they are engaged in and often move from one workstation to another. With only a few exceptions, including things like music and movement activities, the class will be using individual materials rather than everyone learning the same thing at the same time.

Talk to Other Parents

Talking to some of the other parents of your chosen Montessori school will provide you with first-hand testimonials, and in-depth descriptions of what you can expect for your child. Since the Montessori Method works best when it carries over to the home, other parents can also give you some helpful pointers for incorporating it at home. The parental role is huge and includes everything from setting aside space for your child to participating in regular meetings with the teachers at school

Not all Montessori daycares are alike or even adhere to the Montessori Method. To get the best school for your child, taking the time to examine your options carefully is important. The good news is that Montessori stands in clear contrast to other teaching methods, so it will be easy to recognize the best schools with only a little investigation.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Is Montessori Preschool a Good Fit for Your Child?

Is Montessori Preschool a Good Fit for Your Child?

Authentic Montessori preschool is a good fit for a wide variety of children, but not every school that bears the name adheres to the Montessori Method. To illustrate what makes Authentic Montessori special, it helps to look at a few of the facets of childhood development that the system is designed to enhance.

The Origins of Montessori

Maria Montessori was one of Italy’s earliest female physicians, and she began developing the Montessori Method in relation to an assignment to educate children with learning disabilities. She opened Casa dei Bambini in 1907, a name that is still used today: The Children’s House.b Focused on the development of all aspects of early childhood, Montessori schools have spread around the world, typically focused on early childhood development.

Hands-On Learning

Montessori uses special learning materials that incorporate movement and choice into other activities. In research, Hands-on activities have been shown to boost learning speed and provide better long-term retention of lessons. And because activity is involved in the learning process, children are also increasing gross and fine motor skills as social skills develop through interaction with other students and teachers.

Multi-Age Classes

The multi-aged classrooms found in authentic Montessori schools were seen as a necessary part of the educational process by Maria Montessori. She saw how the 3-year age spread occurred naturally among children and how it could benefit various aspects of development. These benefits include self-esteem and leadership skills in the oldest children of the class, while younger students are able to learn from the example of their older peers.

Self-Paced and Self-Directed

Through their years in the Montessori environment, your children will learn to choose their own work, correct it, and to essentially take control of their own education in a carefully monitored and guided environment. This encourages the kids to be more proactive in their approach to solving problems, and builds a sense of self=worth as they pursue personal goals.

Montessori education empowers children to learn and interact as they develop physically and mentally. It has been shown to be effective for children at all learning levels, and has special appeal for children possessing certain learning challenges such as autism. Because it adapts to the learning speed and capabilities of the children, it is often a better system than traditional public schools.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

What You Should Know About Frequently Using Fabric Softeners

What You Should Know About Frequently Using Fabric Softeners

Part of the residential laundry services we provide involves using fabric softener for the right types of apparel. Some of our customers use fabric softener frequently, while others do not use much at all. Fabric softeners deliver several benefits, such as keeping your clothes smelling fresh. It reduces static cling, minimizes wrinkles, and prevents premature wear and tear of fabric. Fabric softener also makes washing and folding laundry easier to do.

Manufacturers make fabric softeners in three different forms, including liquid, dryer sheets, and dryer balls. It is important to remember that all fabric softeners are not created equal, which means you should know which brands work best for your apparel.

Can I Use Fabric Softener Frequently?

You should not add fabric softener to every load of laundry. For example, fabric softener does not work well with moist fabrics such as towels and washcloths. Using a fabric softener on a bath towel might prevent the fabric from absorbing moisture. You also should avoid adding fabric softener to laundry loads that contain workout clothes, which are designed to breathe and prevent perspiration from clinging to the body.

What Benefits Does Fabric Softener Provide?

Fabric softener provides several benefits, as long as you do not use it on apparel that must absorb moisture.

Helps Clothes Retain Colors

Fabric softener does a great job of maintaining the hue of bright colors. It adds an extra layer to shield sensitive colored fibers from the friction that develops during standard wash cycles. Your brightly colored clothes do not fade as fast as brightly colored clothes that you do not treat with fabric softener.

Longer Lasting Clothes

Most detergents do an effective job of cleaning apparel. However, detergents can be harsh on certain types of fabrics, especially delicates and wool fabrics. High-quality fabric softeners preserve sensitive fibers to extend the lifespan of clothes. If you use fabric softener frequently, your clothes should look like new for a longer period than clothes not treated with fabric softener.

Faster Drying Times

One of the unknown benefits of fabric softener to many people is how it shortens the drying times for clothes. Some fabric softeners speed up the drying process fast enough to allow you to hang dry apparel. The science behind the faster drying time is that many fabric softeners increase the speed of water evaporation.

Ideal for Overly Sensitive Skin

If you suffer from skin allergies or your skin dries quickly, using a fabric softener can counteract the dryness of the skin caused by some detergents. If you go with only detergent during wash cycles, the detergent you use might irritate your sensitive skin. Children particularly benefit from the skin protection provided by fabric softeners.

Easy to Use

Most modern washing machines include a place to add fabric softener. This feature is important because you do not have to wait until the rinse cycle to add fabric softener. The most advanced washing machines include slots for adding bleach, detergent, and fabric softener.

Contact us to schedule a laundry pickup service that includes washing your clothes with the highest quality fabric softener.

Monday, December 20, 2021

How to be There for Your Family When Life Gets Rough

How to be There for Your Family When Life Gets Rough

Everyone goes through a rough patch now and then, but when it happens to one or more members of your family, supporting your loved ones during difficult times can extract a considerable emotional toll. Although family therapy represents a highly effective strategy to alleviate the mental anguish associated with a traumatic family event, you can help out as well by being there for your family when life gets rough.


Your role in being there for your family when life gets rough does not involve putting on a therapist’s hat and trying to resolve the difficulties faced by one or more family members. One of the most important ways to help out when life gets rough is simply listening to the family member who is hurting.

Saying a few empathic words can help improve a bad situation, but the most important thing to do involves activating your listening skills. Make eye contact with your family member and deliver non-verbal cues that demonstrate you understand what the other person is saying. Even if your family members ask you for advice, keep the advice relevant to the issue at hand.

Same Routine

Going through a family crisis does not mean you have to give everything up to fix the problems faced by a member of your family. When life gets rough for your family, it is easy to feel out of control of your life. By sticking to the same routine, you recapture some of the control you had before the onset of the family crisis.

Work the same schedule, eat at the same times, and perform household chores on the same days you typically do. Keeping the same routine, such as coming over for dinner on the same day of the week, also can ease the mind of a troubled family member.

Stay Positive, But Be Realistic

Staying positive during a family crisis can stabilize a volatile situation. Words of encouragement and actions that benefit someone else produce a positive family environment that might defuse tensions or improve morale. The key is not to sugarcoat the issue that has overcome your family with negative emotions. Remaining positive does not mean saying unrealistic things, such as “Everything is going to be alright” after a devastating tragedy.

Instead, you want to say things like “This is how we are going to recover from this.”

Seek Help from an Expert

Despite everything you do to be there for your family when life gets rough, you might fall short of providing the help needed for a family member to rebound. Working with an expert can provide support for all the actions you take to support your family during a crisis. Whether a therapist recommends couples therapy or individual child therapy, you receive the support you need to be there for your family during a crisis.

Providing support for family members during difficult times can make a difference in recovering from a crisis. The same principle applies to whenever you experience one of the curve balls life throws at you.