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Activities to Help Motivate Your Team

Activities to Help Motivate Your Team - team building cooking class

As a leader, motivating your team requires certain activities and interactions. Many choose to do group outings at sporting events, a restaurant, or pot lucks as a form of motivation. While these activities are popular and can be effective, there are less popular options that work well that need to be considered. For instance, a Team Building Cooking Class is a great way to get employees together for fun, learning, and a boost in motivation. The following activity ideas for team motivation are sure to give leaders inspiration in motivating their own teams. Additionally, understanding exactly why certain activities are motivational can help leaders to choose the best fit.

Team Building Cooking Class

Maybe a team building cooking class is something that hasn’t been considered as a motivational tool within your organization. There are a number of reasons it should not only be considered but at the top of your list of options. When it comes to motivation, taking a cooking class as a team benefits employees in 3 ways.

1. Team Bonding 

How does a bonded group of people lead to motivation? Individuals that know and trust their coworkers are more likely to put in the effort for one another. There will be no need for one person to carry the team since everyone is more willing to work for the team they are friendly with. It’s motivating to work with people that enjoy reaching the end goal together.

2. Health and Wellness 

Learning to cook is more than just a team bonding experience, but it’s one that encourages people to cook at home. Too often we find ourselves in a drive-thru eating unhealthy and fatty meals. When we teach employees to cook healthier options at home, they will see the effects on their work. Employees that eat healthier are employees that have more focus, an increased level of energy, less anxiety, and a better overall mood.

3. Positive End Results 

Cooking classes result in a delicious meal at the end of your session. Workers can then associate the positive end to a cooking class - eating something yummy - to the positive end of their work efforts - a completed project. It can be incredibly motivating when employees get a sense of accomplishment as they come to the end.

Other Motivational Activities

Giving employees a bit of competition is another activity that can increase the level of motivation within an office. That can be done with lessons learned from the above-mentioned cooking class, a project, or even a fundraiser for charity. Adding in competition in any form can be a way to inspire employees to do their best in all aspects of work life, as long as it’s done in a friendly and fun manner. A group field trip during working hours can be a fun way to motivate all employees, as well. For example, moving a meeting to a park on a nice day is a great way to get through a long day. Providing healthy breakfast options to get a kick start on the day is another idea. Finding what works for you and your team is a matter of simply listening to their needs and wants.

Motivate the Team

Whether a team building cooking class, pot luck, or regular office breakfasts motivate your team, ultimately what matters is being an employer that people want to work for. Offering these motivational activities and ideas is a great way to show employees that their organization cares. Knowing that a company does care about its employees is the biggest motivator there is.

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