Wednesday, April 15, 2020

How to Get Your Picky Montessori preschooler to Eat

How to Get Your Picky Montessori preschooler to Eat - montessori preschool - Montessori Fremont

Like other children, Montessori preschool students can sometimes be picky eaters. On the other hand, the more foods your young son tries when he is little, the more foods will part of his diet as he gets older. Mealtimes should always be a pleasant affair, but your kids have to understand that they should try everything on their plate before balking.

Be A Role Model

Children imitate their parents, including the foods they do and do not eat. The best way to encourage your child to eat different things is to be an inspiration to him. Talk about the color, flavor, taste, and anything else that influences him to try a little. Don’t ridicule or punish, just show and encourage.

Pairing Foods

Putting a favorite food together with something your little one has been avoiding might help him give it a try. Things like peanut butter with celery or asparagus with cheese are tempting for young palates. There are a lot of ways you can visually or tastefully combine different items to come up with a more appealing result. And you can always ask your son for suggestions of his own.

Healthy Snacks

Limit everything but water between snacks and meals so that he will be hungrier at mealtime. Prepare healthy snacks like combos from above or fruit or vegetable slices. Letting your son help in the preparation may make him more willing to try new things as well. Having a personal stake in the food gives him a reason other than your demands, and that might be all it takes.

Be Consistent

Show a unified front between parents rather than one always making demands and the other giving in. Try to have meals and snacks at the same time each day. Make it clear that you are only preparing one meal, and then stick to your guns. If you want to moderate that a little, offer to make one his favorites for the next meal of the same type (breakfast, lunch, dinner). In the end, there will be foods that your children simply do not like. But teaching them that every item deserves a fair trial can lead to many wonderful taste adventures in the years to come. Be fair, but be consistent and remember that your job is to provide meals, not cater to complaints.

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