Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Fun Free Resources for your AZ Preschooler at Home

Fun Free Resources for your AZ Preschooler at Home-Montessori daycare-Montessori Fremont

Staying home does not mean your daycare children have to be bored. A lot of top museums and special locations like the Monterey Bay Aquarium are combatting coronavirus by meeting parents and children online. Whether you prefer something close to home or want to explore the universe, There are plenty of online tools to help keep your children entertained.

Museum of Northern Arizona

With a wide range of educational shows and activities on the schedule, this museum understands the plight that many parents have found themselves in and has put together some great tools to help entertain and educate. From arachnids to indigenous species, these free resources were compiled for coronavirus homebound.

Butterflies of the Western Hemisphere

The San Diego Zoo has done an excellent job of putting together this virtual butterfly jungle of their amazing butterfly exhibit. In addition to teaching about Butterflies of the Americas, this online museum also provides instructions for building a butterfly sanctuary at home.

Understanding Viruses at the Exploratorium

The exploratorium has put together a wide variety of information to explain what a virus is, how washing our hands can slow one down, and much more. Intended to help parents settle the minds of children dealing with the results of coronavirus, this information is presented in easy-to-digest- parts, including home-based activities to illustrate key points.

Home Projects

Fill your days with science and math-based activities you have found online or simply including your small children in tasks you do around the house like cleaning or preparing dinner. Everything you do is an opportunity for your children to be learning practical life experiences. Just as importantly, including young children in your own projects helps build self-esteem and personal determination. Children are learning all the time, and there is no reason to let being at home instead of in daycare interrupt their busy educational routines. In addition to online resources, take your daycare-aged children out in the yard and let them discover bugs, compare leaves, or chase some butterflies of their own.

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