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What to Cook When Cooking for a Crowd

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Considering a large group cooking class for a special event? Or are your friends coming over for a feast? Cooking for a crowd can seem complicated but having easy to prepare recipes for such groups can make the tasks much more manageable. Here are some excellent recipes for large groups:

Pasta dishes

Pasta is a great and easy alternative when cooking for a crowd. It is not only an affordable base for your food, but most people also like it too. Also, when baked well, pasta dishes tend to hold up very well even if your guests don’t eat them immediately. The dish is very versatile and has various ingredient options. This technically means you can prepare different options of the plate every time you entertain a crowd to avoid monotony.

  • Lasagna: Use cheeses, layer noodles, and sauce to create your lasagna dish. Assemble it before the party starts and store it in your oven before the ‘gang’ arrives.
  • Macaroni and cheese: Start with the regular Mac and cheese. Put it in a slow cooker so that it stays warm as you set up toppings like ground beef, buffalo chicken, grilled chicken, pork, chilli, spicy sausage, and bacon. Then your visitors can scoop some mac and cheese and then top it with what they want.
  • Baked Ziti: Mix baked ziti with some sausage and pasta. Then blend that with some gooey cheese, and you have something that everybody can enjoy freely. Hold any spare pans in a warm oven, so that they don’t get cold.


Sandwiches are another option when dealing with large groups. They are tasty, and everyone can personalize their dish to match their desire. You can opt for the regular meat sandwich or do hot sandwiches (a great idea, your guests will definitely love it).

Sandwich options:
  • Sausage sandwiches:
  • Pulled Pork:
  • Sloppy Joes:

Homemade Pizza

Prepare different types of pizza at home to appeal to different tastes. The best idea is to make cheese pizza and then add single topping pieces like pepperoni and sausage. Additional toppings like various types of cheeses and assorted cheese will also take your pizza a notch higher. Bake at least two pieces at a time to save time and then cut them into slices, so more guests can eat them while you bake the remaining ones. Assemble the pizza a few hours before the party starts and then store them in your fridge for easy baking. Also, pre-bake the crusts before you top them to save time.

Cooking With Large Crowd Tips

Choosing easy to cook recipes is just the first step in preparing food for large groups. There are more;

Plan the menu: Prior planning helps you shop for all the required ingredients and manage the preparation and cooking stages correctly. A team building cooking class in California can help you learn more about how to do with this.

Choose options that you are familiar with: You will have an easier time if you are preparing something that you already have an idea about. Chances of making mistakes with a new recipe are very high, so go for old favorites. You will be glad you did!

Prep Food: Do most of the work a day before the event. Making sauces, chopping ingredients, washing produce and peeling veggies are things you can do 24 hours earlier.

Go simple: Keep everything simple to minimize your stress levels. Large group cooking classes teach more on this along with knife skills.

Use slow cooker: It is an excellent tool for preparing dishes and keeping them warm. You can also keep meats, soups, appetizers, and dips in the device.

Accept help: Though it might feel awkward to accept help from large group cooking classes, and guests as well, then feel free to give them simple tasks here and there. This will help you work faster and minimize your stress load.

Wrapping it up

Still not sure of where to start or how to go about it? Large group cooking classes can also help. There are many large group cooking classes available in Oakland and Berkeley, CA. Now At the end of it all, when you throw a party or organize an important event, have fun! Enjoy the process, and you will have it easy. Of course, it may not seem like it is possible at first, but these tips can do the magic. The experience will be bliss once you crack it!

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