Friday, January 17, 2020

Why Preschool Education is Important for Your Child

Montessori preschool - Fremont West

Quality Fremont Preschool Education: Insurance for Future Success

Every parent wants his or her child to be happy, accepted and capable. A quality preschool education is an important foundation toward meeting these goals. A preschool education will give your child the opportunity to:

  • Experience a constructive routine that leads to a positive attitude toward learning. 
  • Develop vocabulary skills in a wide variety of subject areas. 
  • Participate in activities that cultivate both large muscle coordination and fine motor skills. 
  • Learn information in new and interesting ways. 
  • Communicate with both adults and students as they participate in social interactions. 
  • Gain self-confidence in the ability to think and solve problems. 

It is well known that a child develops 85% of his or her intellect, personality and skills before the age of five. A quality preschool education stimulates your child's brain and allows it to develop to its full potential.

The benefits of a quality preschool education are immediate and also long lasting. Research shows that children who received early learning demonstrated increased intellectual development, improved health and positive behaviors. The Brookings Institute on Children and Family documented that children with early childhood education also showed improvement in later years. This included higher graduation rates, less need for special education classes and fewer incidents of criminal behavior. A Rutgers University professor emphasized it this way, "for many children, preschool programs can mean the difference between failing and passing, regular or special education, staying out of trouble or becoming involved in crime and delinquency, dropping out or graduating from high school."

You have the change to share a constructive experience with your child. As a supportive, involved preschool parent you are making a commitment to your child's future. Your child's preschool education will give him or her a great start in life-long skills-- reading, thinking, interacting, problem solving and language. This is the best insurance for your child's future success.

Montessori Children’s House, a Fremont preschool, has provided exceptional education to preschool children since 1998. Their teachers are dedicated to planting life long seeds of learning. Montessori Education focuses on eight traits: independence, confidence, self-discipline, intrinsic motivation, acute sensory perception, academic achievement, spiritual awareness and responsible citizenship. For more information about the program, contact Montessori Children’s House.

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