Saturday, June 20, 2020

Mapping Core Lessons in Private Kindergarten

Mapping Core Lessons in Private Kindergarten

Mapping Core Lessons in Private Kindergarten - Private kindergarten - Montessori West

The Montessori philosophy is the cornerstone of your child’s private kindergarten. By presenting children with exciting educational activities, children learn to enjoy learning as they develop the primary characteristics of successful young people.

Practical Life Experience

Practical life skills set the foundations for all academic learning. Performing ordinary tasks like stacking, pouring, and sorting teaches distinct math and science skills that will be applied over and over again as the child grows. Practicing routines like tying shoes or setting the table builds fine motor skills and provides exposure to orderly procedures.

Learning Leadership

Mixed-age classrooms are perfect for teaching children how to act in responsible leadership roles. Older kids are able to use their acquired skills to assist younger children, practicing diplomacy and problem-solving as younger kids learn to model their own social behavior in a similar manner.

Sensorial Activities

Discovering shapes, textures and groups are core parts of private kindergarten instruction. Sensorial activities engage all of a child’s senses, helping them understand science, math, and more. This in turn helps develop muscle control, critical thinking skills, and abstract concepts.

Exploring Language

Language is the ability to comprehend spoken and written words and sentences. It includes learning to write, awareness of cultural diversity, and serves to teach children effective communication skills. Immersing the child in language coincides with all other classroom experiences.

Mastering Mathematics

Your child’s private kindergarten has been slowly teaching math-related skills since daycare. Beginning with shape and color recognition, counting, and simple arithmetic, mastering math comes with working on other activities and seeing how numbers relate to real-world routines.

Investigating Cultural Diversity

We live in the most culturally diverse country in the world, a perfect environment for teaching children about the similarities and differences in all of us. From flags to traditional outfits, from cultural activities to multi-national foods, private kindergarten kids are introduced to cultural diversity as a matter of daily activities.

From learning courtesy and grace to developing a keen understanding of language, private kindergarten students are taught how to enjoy learning and then encouraged to pursue their favorite interests. At the same time, teachers are observing each child’s progress and guiding them to new discoveries and experiences.

Monday, June 8, 2020

5 Preschool Summer Activities

5 Preschool Summer Activities

5 Preschool Summer Activities - montessori preschool - Montessori West

Summer has arrived, and Montessori preschool kids are ready to spend more time outside and active. Keeping children engaged and active, especially with activities that broaden their horizons, will help every day flow smoother and add volumes to your child’s awareness of the world around them.

Water Balloon Pinatas

Montessori-inspired preschool activities should engage children on multiple levels, including sensorial and fine motor skills. Fill balloons with varying amounts of water, and hang them from a tree branch or other outdoor object. Add a young child with a stick and step back as the fun and wetness gets started. This is one of many exciting possibilities using balloons.

Explore the Area

Go for walks in the park, in the woods, or along the coast. Physical exercise is good for muscle development and fine motor control and stimulates young minds. Choose different locations to explore the terrain, climate, and biomes around your home and neighborhood.

Outdoor Art

Create montages of items collected on walks and excursions. Seashells, pine cones, and stones are excellent mediums for preserving an exciting day outside. On rainy days, make drawings or cutouts of sunny day things to brighten up the home.

Homemade Popsicles

Small children will love helping you mix up a batch of popsicles. You can use Kool-Aid or cut up bits of fruit to be blended into a freezable slush. Fruity popsicles are more nutritious and if you make more than one flavor, your kids can make a game of guessing what they get.

Something New

Make a game of choosing a list of new things to do every day. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but children are a blank slate when it comes to the world and a steady stream of exciting new ideas can work wonders for their participation and attitude.

Keep a notebook of your preschool child’s favorite activities so you can revisit again in the future, or present them a different way to add educational content. Learning is at the heart of all play-based activities, and summertime is perfect for discovering the world.