Saturday, February 8, 2020

Teaching Manners the Montessori Preschool Way

Learning to be polite is taken as a matter of course at your Montessori preschool. The Montessori Method is based on a hands-on approach to educating the entire child from academics to social interaction, with grace and courtesy as basic foundations.

Grace and Courtesy

Learning to accept praise and constructive criticism helps Montessori preschool children understand why grace and courtesy are important. By displaying behavior that is socially acceptable parents and guides tailor grace and courtesy lessons to match the children and situation. A runny nose is an opportunity to demonstrate the use of a tissue, for example, and a potential dispute is perfect for learning about individual diplomacy, sharing, and exhibiting the behavior we want to experience.

Polite Social Interaction

From the mixed-age classrooms to the carefully chosen workstations, Montessori preschool children are encouraged to work together in order to achieve goals. Building the concept of teamwork and inclusion helps develop a healthy self-esteem and opens the door for constructive dialogue between kids and adults.

Provide Demonstration

Keep in mind that adults, especially parents, are the role models that children will imitate. When they see you interacting politely and getting favorable results, they learn that courtesy makes other people more inclined to help. Conversely, asking for help will be better received when the request is genuine than, for example, demanding a friend or adult to perform some task.

Observation and Example

Children learn to be graceful and courteous in their own time and their own way. By observing your children interacting with other people you will notice indicators that it is time to learn more about the process. Providing examples of when to say “please” and “thank you” should begin when your child is still an infant, and other social graces can be added as they become appropriate. The adults in a child’s life are the best instruction for displaying good manners. From washing your hands before dinner to farewells when you part company, how Montessori preschool children see adults and older kids behaving is how they will act themselves.

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