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Activities to Build your Elementary Student's Self Esteem

Self esteem is an important aspect of Montessori education. Children who are confident in their abilities are also willing to take on new tasks and encourage other students. Activities which build self esteem in elementary students give them a foundation for success. They become more interested in doing things and being part of the group. By instilling self esteem during the elementary years, we give children the building blocks to get involved and to examine new ideas.

Activity Suggestions

Giving children the opportunity to play a part in classroom and home activities is a great way to build self-esteem. In some instances, play could be exactly what the children are doing, but the day is filled with opportunities to provide self-fulfillment while you make learning fun.

In the Classroom
Everything which takes place at school could help to build self esteem, whether it is discovering new things about the world or playing a game to build coordination. For instance, any of the following activities is a chance to build confidence and self esteem:
o   Playing and interacting with others students.
o   Speaking to groups or the whole class
o   Displaying successful projects
o   Drawing or coloring
o   Helping the teacher

Activities at Home
Almost any activity can help build self esteem
if it is treated with respect and acceptance. Whether your child is doing chores, putting together a project, or playing a favorite game, it is important that every child receives positive encouragement and a sense of accomplishment. Some general ideas to give a child more confidence include:
o   Build a birdhouse
o   Measuring and cooking in the kitchen
o   Packing for a trip
o   Hobbies and crafts

Giving Feels Good

Any activity which includes helping others will help build self esteem and confidence. Being nice to others and offering a helping hand makes everyone feel good about themselves and gives them a sense of fellowship and well-being. The activity can be something as simple as taking a refreshing beverage to someone feeling ill or reading a story to a sick friend or relative. The important thing is that the contribution is noticed and positively reacted to.

Performance and Recognition

Every child enjoys being the center of attention, whether it is doing well on a science project or learning how to play music. Giving him the opportunity to display his talents helps build self esteem. Showing enthusiasm and respect for his accomplishments gives him the confidence to tackle new things, take on new responsibilities, and take pride in his accomplishments. Even if your child is not perfect in every subject, being enthusiastic about his efforts encourages him to exhibit determination and strive for success.

Montessori elementary students at the Montessori School of Pleasanton are encourage to explore and learn at their own pace, being guided by both the teacher and older students. We understand the importance of building a child's self esteem and work with our students to ensure they are successful in their education.  To see the Montessori method firsthand, contact us today to schedule a tour.

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