Monday, October 23, 2023

Pro Tips to Help You Maximize Results From a Residential Laundry Service

The overwhelming number of benefits has convinced you to sign up for residential laundry services. You free up much more of your time to focus on completing more important and less mundane tasks. Residential laundry services also deliver a higher quality washing and cleaning job. With multiple washers and dryers, residential laundry services can wash and dry clothes at the same time. Now that you have decided to reap the many benefits offered by residential laundry services such as Laundry Care Express, the time has come to discover the pro tips to help you maximize results.

Sign Up for a Laundry Pick Up Service

You already know that residential laundry services save you both time and money. What if we told you that you have more ways to save time and money? By signing up for a laundry pick up service, you do not have to schedule a visit to Laundry Care Express to drop off your clothes and other materials. We pick up your laundry on the day and time that is most convenient for you. Even better, we also offer a laundry delivery service to save you even more time and money.

Leave the Folding to Us

It is not just the washing and cleaning of your clothes that takes considerable time. You also have to spend time folding and hanging your laundry after the last dry cycle. Not only do you save time by outsourcing the folding of your clothes to us, but you also receive clothes that are properly folded to prevent the development of unsightly wrinkles. Laundry Care Express also hangs clothes to ensure a high-quality product.

Make Special Requests

The highest-rated residential laundry services such as Laundry Care Express go the extra mile for their customers. One of the most important ways to go the extra mile for our customers is to honor special requests. In fact, honoring special requests is the foundation of our customer service program. You might want us to use a certain fabric softener or separate clothes based on color. Regardless of your special request, do not hesitate to make it come true.

Take Advantage of Discounts

You might have heard about the term “bundling,” which is often used to sell high-end products such as cars and electronics. Bundling represents a term that provides you with a discount for buying an entire package of products and services. For residential laundry services, bundling can entail offering free laundry pick up and delivery for washing and drying a certain volume of clothes. Laundry Care Express offers discounts to allow our customers to save more money.

Put a Rush On It

Let’s say you just learned about taking a business trip that starts within 24 hours. Your favorite dress shirt needs to be cleaned and dry before you head for the airport. How do you achieve this seemingly impossible goal? The answer is to request rush residential laundry services to help you get your favorite dress shirt ready for the big trip. Rush service should include same-day service for virtually every type of residential laundry service.

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