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How Parents Can Support Their Montessori Preschool

How Parents Can Support Their Montessori Preschool - montessori preschool

Authentic Montessori preschools rely on the interaction of parents for the Montessori Method to work correctly. The triad of child, parent, and school is a complicated but necessary relationship. It demonstrates to the child that parents and teachers are on the same team and opens the door to a seamless transition between school and home activities.

Learning Prerequisites

Montessori preschool children need some basic requirements when they come to school. Parents are important to the Montessori Method because they can make sure their children:

  • Meet School Enrollment Requirements 
  • Get Enough Rest 
  • Eat Healthy Meals 
  • Practice What They Learn

Multidimensional Relationships

Parental involvement is critical to the success of the school and its students in several ways. First is the inter-relationship of guides, aides, parents, and students, but the role is much more than simply attending student conferences. Other parts of the School/Child/Parent relationship include:

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences 
  • Parent Class Lectures 
  • Practicing School Lessons At Home 
  • Adopting the Montessori Method of Learning 
  • Read With Your Kids

Encouragement Vs. Rewards

The punishment and reward system used in many public schools is avoided in the Montessori classroom. It is fine to offer moderate praise for jobs well done, but parents should avoid getting into the habit of rewarding their kids for doing things that are normally expected, including cleaning up, eating meals, and personal hygiene. Similarly, parents should look for positive ways of encouraging Montessori behavior and resist the urge to punish kids who act out or resist activities.

Include Your Children

Perhaps the most important way you can support your child’s Montessori preschool is to spend as much time with your kids as possible. Include them household chores, kitchen, shop, or yard projects, and basically anything you do. Children naturally look to their parents for guidance and will attempt to mimic what they see you do. By including your children in your own life, you provide a positive example that will impact all facets of life. There are plenty of opportunities for you to help out at your child’s Montessori school. Acting as chaperones at field trips, volunteering to help with in-school parties and events, and contributing materials and time for projects in and outside of school hours are parental involvement ideas that are always in high demand.

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