Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Parents: How to Support your Child's Montessori School

Montessori education is more of a holistic approach to learning, meaning that the methods used apply to all facets of a child’s life rather than just the academic ones. The goal is to produce children who are able to meld into society as well as become successful in academic pursuits. Parents play a large role in that and becoming familiar with the Montessori method may be the best way to support your child and his school.

Preschool Preparedness

Making sure that your children are prepared for the school day provides a lot of support to the student guides. Preschool children will be practicing being self-sufficiency in life - and the restroom. For this, they need to wear clothing they can put on and take off by themselves with little or no assistance. Similarly, shoes that they can put on by themselves makes it easier for Montessori students to transition from indoor to outside activities.

Help your children to select their school clothing the night before, eliminating early morning stress factors. This is a huge benefit in the classroom, as children who become anxious or stressed before school tend to carry the effects with them into the classroom.

Parental Participation

Parents can get involved on the personal level by volunteering to help out in the classroom, at special events, or by providing special skills that the classroom can benefit from. Parents are a tremendous asset for the school when it comes to event planning and having sufficient hands available during special functions, and they rely on parental involvement to keep it all working smoothly. Taking an active role may be the best support you can offer to your child's school, and it will have a positive impact on your children in the process.

Work as a Team

Keep in mind that your child’s school wants the same things you do, namely a well-educated child who is comfortable with social graces and responsibility. When attending parent-teacher conferences, remember that you are on the same team. When a child sees that his parents and teachers are working together, they have a tendency to react in a positive manner. Read school newsletters, ask your children about their day, and make learning an exciting experience for everyone.

Financial Support

Montessori schools need your assistance in order to pay for school improvements, class trips, and to purchase materials for the classroom. You can help with this by making donations, taking part in fundraising campaigns, or providing much needed materials to the school. Keep in mind that your contributions should be intended to help all of the children, not just your own, so plan your donations accordingly.

If you have questions about how you can support your school, don’t hesitate to ask. The best rule of thumb is that anything you can do to help the school will also benefit your children, so take a few minutes to chat with teachers and find out where and how you can provide the best support.  If you're unsure of ways to help your child's Montessori school, contact the teachers and staff at the Montessori School of Flagstaff Sunnyside Campus.  We value Montessori education and sharing that methodology with children everyday.

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