Thursday, June 18, 2015

Five Most Important Qualities in a Preschool Teacher

What are the most important qualities that make a great preschool teacher? Parents ask this question whenever they are thinking of placing their child in a preschool. Educators, looking to staff their preschools, also ask themselves the same question. Let’s explore some of the qualities you will find in the teachers at our Fremont preschool.

Preschool teachers should have a well-rounded education. While many preschools do not require a degree, most Montessori preschools require a Bachelor's degree or early childhood Associate degree, followed by training specific to Montessori methods if applicable. 

For a person to be an effective preschool teacher, they must have a passion for teaching, but for learning as well. Often teachers learn as much from their students as the students learn from their teachers. A passion for learning is contagious. Children will pick up on the teacher's enthusiasm for teaching and learning and will get more from their preschool experience. 

Creativity is an essential quality for a preschool teacher. To encourage children's inherent creative nature, it is imperative that teachers appreciate and nurture it. Teachers also must be creative in the way they relate to children. In schools where resources are limited, it takes a creative teacher to use those resources wisely.

Energetic and Enthusiastic 
An important quality of a preschool teacher is to be energetic. Children of every age are high energy and enthusiastic about life. They are also very perceptive and will be able to tell immediately if their teacher is enthusiastic about the subjects they are teaching.  

Love of Children and a Good Sense of Humor
Foremost, a good preschool teacher must have a sincere and unconditional love for children. Again, children are incredibly perceptive and they know at once if a person is or is not happy being around them. A good preschool teacher also must have a good sense of humor. A sense of humor can turn a difficult situation into a manageable one. It also makes the day more pleasant for the children and the teacher. 

A good preschool teacher loves being with children. More than likely he or she has had experience with children prior to becoming a preschool teacher. He or she chooses this field for their love of children, teaching and learning. To schedule a tour of of the Montessori Childrens Center, contact our school in Fremont today. 

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