Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Power of Learning by Doing

Your child is a unique individual and his or her education should be unique to accommodate their learning style. When your child is allowed a certain amount of freedom to learn at their own pace; their natural curiosity will be encouraged. This type of learning environment brings them wonderful results in learning that will stay with them over a lifetime.

The Montessori environment believes in the power of "learning by doing" and allows students to use their natural curiosity, guided by their teacher to discover and learn about the world around them. At a local school in your Bay Area is a Montessori setting for your child to enter a classroom that will allow them the freedom and provide them the tools to find answers to their own questions.

At an early age your child will develop concentration, independence, coordination and develop a sense of order from a classroom setting designed for them to "learn by doing". As your child is given the freedom to investigate the world around them with the guidance from their teacher they become confident and enthusiastic self-learners.

At a local school in your area you can find a Montessori program for your son or daughter that will allow them to learn in an educational playground. Our classrooms are created with a variety of developmental activities that stimulate your child's growth in many levels; academically, physically and emotionally. By entering your child into this type of self-directed learning method, rather than the traditional classroom setup found in most local schools; you will be giving them the opportunity to grow and learn through things that actually interest them and encourage learning.

In the Montessori learning environment your child will have the freedom to move around the room, they will not be confined to a desk listening to someone give them information. They will move around and discover different workstations created with educational materials that correlate to the lesson of the day. They will continue to be active as they set up their work area by choosing which learning activity interests them, physically using the items to create their lesson and then clean up area when they finish. This form of independence will create a totally enjoyable learning experience. 

Contact a Montessori in your area today. Schedule a tour and see how much of an impact they can make in your child's education.


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