Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Importance of Teaching Seasons

Teaching your child how to understand the passage of time is made easier when they are able to understand about the seasons. There are ways to understand the seasons even if you do not live in an area with distinct changes. One method used by Montessori classrooms is the use of a Nature Table. This is a unique way for students to see the changes and when they happen.

Why Learning About Seasons is Important

Seasons help your child understand how time passes and about change. Seasons reflect changes from the clothes we wear to the foods we eat. Other changes your child will become aware of are; the amount of sunlight each day and the different plants that begin to grow. There are often temperature changes, depending on your environment, and a change in people's activities. Seasons are a great way for your child to visually see and understand change better.

How Seasons Help Your Child Learn

From the time your child is one and through kindergarten age, they will use their environment to learn a tremendous amount of information. Founder of the Montessori schools, Marie Montessori, called this 'the absorbent mind' age group. Preschool and kindergarten levels are great years to provide your child with a hands-on learning experience. Through practical life activities and sensorial exploring, your child will learn:

• Math

• Language

• Art

• And more all through how our seasons change

Applying the Seasons to Learning

Some great ways to learn about change and how the seasons affect these changes:

• One is to have a bare tree painted in the room and encourage children to bring in items from home that will reflect what the particular season will make the tree look like. As the season's change, the tree will change and the children will visually see the changes occurring.

• Layered puzzles are another great visual to show change when each layer shows how the season changes the items shown in the puzzle.

Learning about seasons will teach about changes and it will also allow the introduction of time into your child's education. Knowing how the earth rotates to change our seasons will show when your child's birthday will occur, and opens up the introduction of the clock. This is another great lesson for your child to explore how time passes.

Montessori Allows Your Child to Learn

At the Montessori school, your child is not just educated, they are allowed to learn. Allowed to learn through non-traditional classroom experiences that will connect your child to the world you live in. Your child will want to learn and will be allowed to move at his or her own pace so information can be absorbed and retained. This method of education makes learning interesting and fun and will prepare your child for a great future.

Call Montessori School in Pleasanton today and schedule a tour to see what they can offer your child. Find out for yourself how Montessori can pave your child's future to encourage learning.


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