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How To Expand your Child's Potential with Active Outdoor Time

How To Expand your Child's Potential with Active Outdoor Time - daycare - Montessori West

From daycare through adulthood, people benefit from spending time outside. Through activity and exploration, this time can also broaden their horizons and lead to greater potential and enthusiasm about the world they live in.

Medical Benefits

Studies have shown that daycare students spending more time outdoors reduces the development of nearsightedness, although scientists don’t know why this occurs. Additionally, outdoor time provides necessary exposure to sunlight which is a necessity for healthy skin and brain development. Physical exercise offers a host of medical advantages as well, including stronger muscles and bones.

Language and Vocabulary

Whether it is because your child is growing up in a bilingual environment or simply that you want her to have an extensive vocabulary, getting outdoors offers countless opportunities to learn new words and how they relate to practical life. You can’t describe the meaning of squishing as easily as she can feel it happening when she walks in mud, and leaves become specific kinds of leaves when she can compare them to one another.

Physical Benefits

The most obvious benefits for daycare children spending time outside are the development of motor skills. Climbing, throwing, and running will make your daughter stronger, increase her coordination, and build a sense of self-worth at the same time as she learns how all the aspects of the world work in tandem.

Social Benefits

Playing outside gives children ample opportunity to work with other kids. Running, jumping, or building a fort all provide incentive to interact with other kids, and that helps them learn the intricate aspects of socializing in pairs or groups.

Environmental Benefits

Spending time outside also teaches children important lessons about nature. These lessons will help them become better stewards of nature, learning not to litter, how to protect trees and animals, and how different outdoor environments are home to a myriad of life forms. 

Outdoor time is critical for the well-rounded development of daycare children. As an added bonus, it also gives parents a chance to spend some time away from technology and reconnect with nature in the process. Everyone can benefit from fresh air and open spaces, so your child’s future potential is your excuse to improve life for the whole family

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