Monday, August 23, 2021

What is the Importance of Coloring in Montessori Daycare?


Coloring is a common activity in the Montessori daycare. It is a perfect activity for quiet time because it occupies children in their own spaces, but it is also an excellent method of developing fine motor skills, learning to think critically and help her become more confident about her actions and choices.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Learning to hold crayons and markers in her Montessori daycare is an excellent way to develop fine motor skills. As they learn to have more control over their grip and the movement of the crayon tip, these skills can be honed even more as she learns how to stay inside the lines while she colors.

Encourage Critical Thinking and Creativity

Coloring gives children an incentive to use critical thinking skills to determine which colors are the most appropriate for the coloring at hand. As she learns to color more accurately, she will also be learning to express her own creativity. Simply learning to think ahead and plan out which colors to use is a major step in critical thinking, and should be encouraged accordingly.

Build Self-Esteem

Every time a child receives praise for coloring tasks completed, they feel better about themselves and their abilities. This is why it is important for parents and teachers to notice the little achievements of children. In addition to making them feel good about themselves, coloring is also an enjoyable activity, and one that allows your daughter to share the results with others.

Rainy Days and Quiet Times

Coloring is an activity that requires very little preparation but offers hours of recreational fun. Ideal for days when the weather is inclement and periods when the children are engaged in solitary, quiet-time activities. Because coloring is highly portable, it is also a great activity to carry along on road trips, while waiting on appointments, and other boring moments when there is time to kill.

Using crayons is preferable to markers because crayons more closely mimic the size and shape of pencils. And since crayons are a stepping stone to learning to draw letters and eventually write words.


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