Wednesday, August 31, 2022

3 Essential Things Parents Should do to Support their Montessori School

A Montessori kindergarten education revolves around the cooperation of students, teachers, and parents. All 3 have specific roles to play and each one is equally important to the other two. For parents, reproducing a prepared environment at home is an important first step, but parents can also help support their schools in these 3 important ways.

1. Communicate With Teachers

Private kindergarten teachers hold regular meetings with parents. This allows both adult sides of the pyramid to voice concerns and make observations about advances that affect how the children will be guided as time goes on. Conferences are held privately and conducted with children present in most circumstances because children are a third of the equation and their voice deserves to be heard.

2. Volunteer Duty

School events and activities can always profit from parents donating their time and experience. From career days to field trips, there will be many opportunities for parents to participate in classroom activities. Some parents are comfortable serving as chaperones on field trips and others prefer things like baking cookies for a class event, but every parent can contribute in one or more ways and every contribution enhances the quality of education being given to the whole class. If you really want to get involved, attend school meetings and help your child's school become exactly the kind of school your child deserves.

3. Cooperation

In order to do the job you expect from them, Montessori teachers need your support and respect. One way that cooperation benefits your children is when their teacher suggests that you could practice a specific type of activity with your child. This may be requested if your child needs a little extra help with a subject, but it could just as easily be given because your child has shown a spectacular aptitude or skill that should be fostered and encouraged. In both situations, your cooperation will give your child an opportunity to shine, get through a difficult concept, or even encourage participation in larger classroom activities.

Sure, you have a busy schedule and pay tuition for your child's private education, but nothing should be more important than playing an active role in helping your kids develop into the best members of society they can be. From inspiring all of the kids on career day to keeping children safe at the zoo, the parental side of the Montessori triangle assists students in reaching early developmental goals and has the added benefit of demonstrating to children that the parents and teachers stand united in wanting only the best for them.

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