Wednesday, August 31, 2022

6 Ways You May Be Unknowingly Ruining Your Clothes

One of the many benefits of allowing a business to provide residential laundry services is to receive advice on how to take care of your clothes. After all, wearing the right ensemble makes the type of positive first impression that goes over well at job interviews, as well as when you enjoy a nice, relaxing night on the town. One way Laundry Care Express helps our customers is by describing the ways they might be unknowingly ruining their clothes.

Not Separating Clothes by Degree of Dirtiness

You have heard about separating your clothes by color and type of fabric. You also should separate your laundry by the degrees of dirtiness. A University of Nebraska study discovered washing extra dirty clothes with lightly soiled garments damages the lightly soiled garments. This means relatively clean whites turn light gray when washed with heavily soiled clothes.

Wash and Dry Everything

The urge to get laundry done as quickly as possible leads to some poor decisions. One poor decision involves washing and drying everything at the same time to save time. Some clothes, such as dresses and dress shirts, are meant to be cleaned through a commercial laundry service’s dry cleaning system. In many cases, you can drop off clothes for dry cleaning in the morning and pick up the same clothes late afternoon in time for a formal dinner.

Wiping Stains

When you spill food or a beverage on your pants or shirt, you immediately grab a cloth to soak in a little warm water for a fast wipe and dry of the stain. However, wiping stains makes the eyesore much worse by spreading the concentrated area of the stain over a larger section of your garment. Instead of wiping a stain right after it develops, take your time by lightly blotting the stain until it starts to diminish in size. Start blotting on the perimeter of the stain, and then work your way to the epicenter of the unsightly blemish.

Shrinking Jeans and T-Shirts

We remind our customers that natural fibers such as wool and cotton are highly susceptible to shrinkage if left in a dryer too long while running on the warmest cycle. Natural fiber garments also can shrink during a hot wash cycle. Apparel such as jeans and t-shirts not only can shrink after a hot wash cycle, the natural fibers that run through the garments can become frayed and eventually break free to create holes.

Hanging Sweaters

Some clothes are designed to be folded, not placed on a hanger and hung in a closet. Sweaters are one type of garment that requires a finessed folding technique that does not damage the sensitive natural fibers. Because of the heavy, natural materials used to design sweaters, hanging them in a closet stretches the garments to well below the knees. Asking a business that provides residential laundry services to wash and fold your laundry ensures your sweaters remain in pristine condition.

Using the Wrong Kind of Detergent

Knowing the type of washing machine that you use helps you select the right kind of detergent. For example, a High Efficiency (HE) washing machine consumes less water and energy, which means you want to wash your clothes with a low-suds, HE recommended detergent. Washing your clothes with a standard detergent in an HE machine might leave detergent residue on your clothes.

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