Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Is a Monthly Residential Laundry Service Worth the Price?

As many households struggle to stay within super-tight budgets, is a monthly residential laundry service worth the price? After considering several factors, the answer is a resounding yes. Paying for residential laundry services is worth the price.

Save Money

Although outsourcing your laundry to a business such as Laundry Care Express adds another expense item to your monthly budget, you save money in the long run in two important ways. First, you no longer need to invest in a washer and dryer, with both appliances combined typically costing more than $1,000 from a proven brand. You also do not have to shell out money in maintenance costs. Second, with your washer and dryer no longer running at home, you dramatically reduce both your water and energy bills.

It should not take long for you to recover your monthly fee for a residential laundry service. This means you save money.

Save Time

They say time is money, and the timeless expression is especially relevant for washing and drying your clothes. Although doing laundry is not the most time-consuming project that requires laser-like focus, it is still a chore that takes a considerable chunk out of your day. Instead of waiting for the wash and dry cycles to run their course, you take advantage of our laundry pick-up service. We pick up your clothes at the most convenient time, and then you spend the rest of the day doing the things that you enjoy. We also offer a laundry delivery service that returns your clothes when you are home to receive them.


Residential laundry services operate several washers and dryers, which means Laundry Care Express can wash and dry all of your clothes at the same time. At home, you have to wait for one load of clothes to finish the wash cycle and one load of clothes to finish the dry cycle. Then, you have to load another round of clothes into both machines. In addition, you can request same-day service to ensure you have what you want to wear to an evening social event.

Cleaner Clothes That Remain in Mint Condition

Professional laundry services do a much better job of cleaning clothes. They operate better-performing machines, as well as use the finest detergents and fabric softeners. When you outsource the cleaning and drying of your clothes to Laundry Care Express, you can rest assured we return your clothes looking and smelling fresh. Moreover, you never have to deal with losing a sock or receiving garments that have shrunk.


Doing your part to enhance the environment has turned into one of the most important civic responsibilities. At Laundry Care Express, we operate machines that leave a much smaller carbon footprint than the machines used by homeowners. We use eco-friendly detergents and fabric softeners to minimize the impact of harmful chemicals that enter drainage systems. You also consume less energy at home, which is another way for you to go green.


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