Monday, August 31, 2015

Daycare and Its Positive Effects on Children

A good daycare program provides a wonderful opportunity for children and can be beneficial starting at a very young age. However, many parents wonder whether or not it's a good choice and often feel guilt about the idea of having someone else watch their kids. If you're apprehensive about sending your child to daycare, you're not alone. However, the benefits of daycare are numerous and proven. Below are just a few of the positive effects daycare has on children. 

Social Skill Building 

At home, even if children have several siblings, building social skills is still an area for development. The social skills children use with their family is different from the skills required to meet, get to know, and form friendships with children they don't know. Additionally, it’s good for kids to become accustomed . Daycare provides children the opportunity to build social skills in both of those areas, as well as others, and prepares them for a lifetime of positive social interactions. 

Educational Foundation

Another great benefit daycare has to offer your child is the educational foundation they learn while in daycare. Montessori schools are far more than babysitting centers. Daycare ensures your child is learning the building blocks of math, reading, writing, and even cultural studies. These are skills they can use for the rest of their educational career. 

Educational Exploration 

Not only will your children be able to learn the fundamentals necessary to be successful throughout the rest of their educational career, but they'll also learn what matters to them. Montessori schools include the prepared environment, an environment in which children can explore and learn what it is they're interested in, subjects they'd like to pursue, and what they want to know more about. Teachers are there for guidance and to move children up a level when it's time, but the activities and materials are designed in a way that allow children to learn independently. 

Foundation in Independence 

Above all, your child will be able to foster a sense of independence. Most of the materials at Montessori schools are designed to allow children to learn independently, something that puts them ahead of the game for their futures. Leadership skills are fostered, as well, meaning your child learns how to help others, lead, and be good examples for younger children. 

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