Monday, August 31, 2015

What to Do With All of Your Children’s Artwork?

Most parents start out wanting to keep physical evidence of all their children's preschool activities, but as you'll quickly find, that's not always practical. Here are a few ways you can deal with the surplus of artwork that comes home with your child.
  • Store. Memorable artwork can be stored as keepsakes from preschool activities, for you to enjoy now and eventually to be passed on to your child. Plastic storage containers are perfect for storing artwork, especially anything bulky. Small, flat artwork can be preserved in scrapbooks. Another option is to roll up flat artwork and store in mailing tubes.
  • Digitize. Some artwork you'll want to keep in original, tangible form, but other pieces can be digitized to reduce clutter and storage space. Scan the artwork in and save as a Jpeg file with your other pictures and memories, or check out one of the many apps available to help you digitize and organize your child's artwork. This is a perfect solution for kids who don't like to get rid of anything, and someday your child will appreciate having tangible memories of their many preschool activities.
  • Decorate. Decorating your kid's room with their own artwork will undoubtedly delight them. Frame the really special pieces for a more permanent display, but even the lesser quality pieces can be displayed for a time before going into storage (or even the recycling bin). Teachers often display artwork from preschool activities on the walls of the classroom and hallways at school. You can also make a rotating "art wall" in your child's room by running a clothesline or ribbon across the wall and hanging artwork on it with clothespins or clips.
  • Share. Your child makes enough art during various preschool activities to go around, and there are surely family members and friends who would love to have this surplus shared with them. Choose artwork to send to grandparents, aunts and uncles, and anyone else who would like a keepsake of your child's preschool activities. Better yet, enlist your child to help choose what should be sent to whom, and help them to write a personal note to go with the keepsake.
  • Recycle. Kids don't need to keep memories of all their preschool activities. Sort through their artwork, pulling duplicates and anything that is less significant. If you have a child who is convinced they need to keep everything they make, you might have to wait for them to forget about it and quietly make it disappear. You could also use this as a lesson on recycling and reusing, and enlist your child to help sort through his or her own artwork. Recycle the old artwork or harvest the materials for reusing or upcycling.

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