Friday, May 27, 2016

Farm Themed Activities

Children have always been intrigued by farms, especially the baby animals and the delicious food that can be grown. Watching vegetables erupt from seeds and fruits arrive from blossoms on trees are amazing events and teach many types of lessons.

There is a wide variety of wonderful activities that can provide the farm experience and give a taste of real life, and they are always welcomed by the students. Here are some that you can use and which will hopefully encourage many more creative ideas.

A Real Animal
  • If you can’t have a living animal on the school property for lack of space, you can have the students “adopt” specific animals and have a continuing project of bringing in pictures and articles from home that they find in magazines and newspapers. You can then discuss those with the class and ask appropriate questions.
Imitate an Animal
  • Children can gallop and make appropriate animal noises as the teacher calls out “stop” and “go”.
Planting Seeds (Science Project)
  • By planting a variety of vegetable seeds, children cannot only observe the growth, but they will also see how there are different rates of sprouting. For example, beans and corn are the fastest to sprout, a tomato is third, and watermelon would take the longest.
Pairing Up
  • Cut out pictures of animals and also have miniature plastic or other material versions of them that the children can pair up.
Cards and Counters
  • Have cards of an animal with numbers on them and have the students use corn kernels or other markers to put that amount on the card.
Where Do the Animals Belong
  • Cut out all kinds of animals and locations and have the students then put the animals into the appropriate farm, zoo or ocean.
Practice Addition
  • Cut out many frogs and lily pads. Put numbers on the different pads. Then have the students put the correct number of frogs on each pad.
Cow from a Milk Jug
  • Make a cow by painting a one gallon milk carton white. Then add black spots. The lid becomes the nose by adding two nostrils. Glue on some googly eyes and cardstock ears to complete the project.
Farm Field Trip
  • The most exciting would be a trip to a working farm, especially one that teaches educational classes. You might find one where the students can hand milk a cow and also observe how much faster a machine can do that chore. Perhaps they could learn about chickens, their habitats, how they lay eggs, and how the eggs are gathered.
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