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Quiet Time Activities

Quiet Time Activities

When kids stop taking their daily naps, quiet time activities are the perfect replacement for them to get needed down time. They are great solutions for your child when you can't get them to lay down for a rest. Activities should be simple and not involve a lot of energy.

Life often finds us getting caught up in hustling about from one activity to another as we try to maximize the amount of activities we can get out of each day. This constant movement can have a negative impact on your child. Montessori preschool teachers find it important to implement "quiet time" into their day with children. It provides the kids a time to just "be" and slow down.

Your preschool child needs time to stop and just gather his or hers thoughts and look at what they are experiencing. They need a time to just sit rest and quietly observe and explore their world. When a preschool age child is given a balance between activities and quiet time it helps them feel more relaxed throughout their day. With the relaxed feeling comes an opportunity for being able to learn better. It will improve your child's ability to understand information easier when it is presented to them.

Silence Game

The Silence Game is a favorite in the Montessori classroom setting to help your child relax and receive some quiet, down time from his or her learning time. It takes practice as preschool aged children have relatively short attention spans. They will find it hard to stay still for more than 30 seconds. They can learn with practice to relax, absorb and appreciate what is around them.

To play the game, choose a time when children are calm and tell them you are going to play a game. Let them know it is the Silence Game and it means they have to keep their bodies still and their voices quiet: no talking. They have to listen very carefully for their name and when they hear it; walk quietly to the person who calls their name.

You will notice how quietly the children walk towards the person. If some of the kids are having trouble staying quiet, make sure you call the names of a few quiet ones as this is sure to get their attention. You will soon see how aware the kids become when they find out the game is going to be played; as well as, how quiet the environment around them becomes.

Activity Bags

Grab a stack of bags and fill them with different types of activities. Three ring pencil pouches are the best to see what is in each bag and gives your child a chance to pick one that holds a particular interest for them. Place a piece of card stock in each to give it some stability.

Ideas to put inside the bags:

  • Fun designs can be made with pipe cleaners.
  • A magnifying glass with a variety of small objects to look at and discover.
  • Cookie cutters can become great stencils when included with crayons.
  • Aluminum foil can make great reflective art when combined with markers.

Montessori schools use these types of activities to encourage your child to relax which enables them to learn. If you are looking for quality afterschool care in Milpitas for your child, contact Daystar Montessori today. Our mission is to encourage your child's development by giving them an awareness of their environment and independent thought. See how we can help your child grow and become a self-directed learner.

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