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5 Top Tips For Visiting the Zoo With Your Daycare Student

5 Top Tips For Visiting the Zoo With Your Daycare Student - Daycare - Montessori West

Daycare may be one of the best times for a visit to the zoo. There are so many things there that small children have never seen, and a personal visit includes the sounds and scents as part of the experience. For small kids with so many things to learn about the world, a visit like this is a mighty adventure into the realms of the larger world they live in.

1. Before the Trip

Check out your local zoo’s website and get an idea of the animals they have on exhibit. With a list in hand, introduce the daycare kids to each species using pictures, books, and even short videos. This primes the kids for what they will see and experience during the trip, building up anticipation.

2. Be Prepared

Check the weather on the day of your zoo excursion and dress accordingly. It’s best to take zoo trips in the spring or fall, but any time of year is fine so long as you are prepared. With the wardrobe complete, plan for refreshments to take along. Simple fruit or vegetable snacks and water or juice are all you need for a trip to the zoo.

3. Ferocious Favorites

Large and dangerous animals fascinate children, but there is a certain amount of strategy surrounding when is the best time of day to visit them. Plan on visiting whatever animals your kids love the most near the middle of the trip, maybe even using a snack break as the lead-in to the major attractions.

4. Personal Interaction

Most zoos have a petting area where children can interact with select zoo and farm animals. This can be a truly amazing part of the zoo visit for daycare students who have very little experience with other forms of life. Learning about the feel, smell, and demeanor of different animals is a priceless practical life experience in and of itself.

5. After the Trip

In the days following your trip to the zoo, the children can revisit their trip by recounting exciting anecdotes about the experience, singing zoo-related songs, and creating artwork of the many different animals they saw and the details of those animals’ lives. 

Every child should visit a zoo during their daycare years, and return again periodically for as long as they wish. Exposure to wild animals helps foster empathy for them and reinforces the importance of taking care of our environment.

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