Wednesday, September 8, 2021

How Are Circle Games Important for Preschool Children?


 Circle time is a valuable part of your child’s preschool day. Gathering the children in a circle for games or other interaction allows a seamless transition from one activity to another, helps the teacher address group issues, and gives children an opportunity to play socially interactive games. Because Circle time is so important, let’s take a look at some of the benefits it provides.

Social Skill Development

Circle games promote the preschool development of several important social skills. It helps children learn to their turn, encourages polite interactions, and builds self-esteem. In this way games like Simon Says, or I Spy teach children the value of social etiquette in their daily lives, and that carries over to their interactions outside of school.

Improve Fine Motor Skills

Depending on the activity, circle time games improve fine and gross motor skills. Moving their fingers, hands, legs and arms during games like Simon Says assists children in learning to control their muscular movements. This benefits them in activities ranging from holding a crayon to running a footrace.

Build Vocabulary and Communication

Sing Alongs and story times are perfect for circle time. These activities encourage children to learn new words and improve pronunciation of their existing vocabulary. Circle games also give small kids an opportunity to practice interaction communication, which helps the more bashful children overcome their shyness and participate less self-consciously.

Enhance Critical Thinking Skills

Some circle games require quick thinking, and that helps preschoolers improve their decision-making, logic, and reasoning skills. These skills will be especially valuable when the children are working at problem-solving activities or learning practical life experiences like measuring and pouring.

Encourage Self Esteem

How a child feels about himself will directly affect how he interacts socially, emotionally, and academically. With self-esteem comes confidence and responsibility, traits that will have immeasurable value over the course of a child’s lifetime.

Circle time games are more than a way to include all of the kids in a specific activity. It is also a tool for childhood development that operates on many different levels. From gaining more control over their young muscles to learning how to communicate in a polite manner, circle games have a lot to offer your children.


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