Monday, October 18, 2021

5 Simple Daycare Activities That Help Children Build Confidence

5  Simple Daycare Activities That Help Children Build Confidence - Montessori daycare - Montessori Fremont

Helping children develop a strong sense of confidence in daycare provides them with important foundational tools for future success. Because having confidence in themselves is vital to their development, these simple activities were chosen as examples of how we can instill confidence in small children. 

1. Talking About Themselves

Montessori daycare children benefit from talking about themselves. Giving every child a voice that is heard and never ignored helps them feel better and encourages them to participate more often. This could be a simple group activity like taking turns telling about their weekend, or individual quiet projects like drawing a picture to show what they did on Saturday.

2. Age-Appropriate Chores

The act of performing an activity that is beneficial for the whole class is an excellent way to build confidence. Putting away toys, cleaning up after lunch, or things like sweeping or cleaning are all appropriate for daycare children and need to be done on a regular basis. The feeling of doing something that was well-received by their peers is a huge boost to the child’s self-esteem and propels them to take similar actions in the future.

3. Practicing Leadership

Games like “Simon Says” are perfect for letting children get a feel for taking on a leadership role. It also helps the development of critical thinking skills and teaches children to pay attention to what they are hearing. Another great activity in the same vein is “Follow The Leader,” which can be played in different ways and works as well outdoors as inside.

4. Accomplishments Deserve Recognition

Any activity with a successful completion is cause for a little praise, and every little bit of praise helps instill a sense of value in the child who receives it. For a little extra boost to their self-esteem, make sure they overhear you speaking positively about them to others from time to time. It is one thing to be told you have performed well, but it is a whole other matter to know that someone you respect thinks highly of your accomplishments.

5. Requesting Assistance

One way to make a child feel important is to ask for their assistance in something you “just can’t do without their help.” Asking for assistance or requesting a child’s opinion gives them a sense of inclusion and importance. We all want to feel as though our thoughts matter to someone, but it is especially beneficial for small children who are learning how to interact with those outside of their immediate family. Building a strong sense of self-esteem is a critical part of childhood development. Through encouragement and activities, daycare children take the first small steps toward independence and personal accomplishment. As parents and educators, we can make every day a successful memory that builds confidence.

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