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Which Temperature Range is Appropriate for Your Laundry Load?

Which Temperature Range is Appropriate for Your Laundry Load? - residential laundry services - Laundry Care Express

It is a household chore that does not appear to require much planning. Put your clothes into a washing machine and let technology work its magic. As a company that specializes in providing residential laundry services, we understand the importance of separating clothes to match the temperature of the water cleaning them.

Whether you need to do laundry for a dirt-covered softball uniform or solid-colored dress shirts, you should know how to separate your clothes for washing at the correct temperatures.

When Do I Use Hot Water?

You use hot water to clean linens and white apparel to get rid of germs and thick soil. High water temperatures do the best job of removing contamination from clothing. However, hot water also can make clothing look wrinkled, as well as shrink the fabric. The key is to follow the directions on the label of individual pieces of clothing to maximize the benefits of a hot wash, while not getting your clothes visually tarnished in the process.

Some types of white and soiled clothing benefit more from dry cleaning.

When Do I Use Warm Water?

Unless your laundry load consists of mostly bedding linen and solid white dress shirts, you might be able to put your clothes into a washing machine and hit the “Warm” cycle. Warm washing machine water is a mix of both temperature extremes: Hot and cold. Most washing machines blend the two temperatures at a 50 to 50 percent mix.

Warm water works best in a washing machine to clean most types of jeans and clothing designed with permanent press materials.

When Do I Use Cold Water?

Use cold washing machine water to clean clothing made with delicate materials, especially those designed using bright colors. If the clothing you wash in cold water contains dirt or another type of heavily soiled material, you should treat the apparel for stains before hitting the cold wash cycle on your washing machine.

Bright-colored clothing washed in cold water prevents the colors from fading or bleeding into the fabric.

What Are the Helpful Tips for Washing Clothes?

We already mentioned it, but the best tip for washing clothes is to follow the washing instructions printed on a clothing tag. Check the water temperature on your washing machine before you hit the wash button. The laundry you did a few days ago is probably not the same type of clothing you plan to wash today. Pre-treat any stained clothing to improve the chances of your clothes coming out of the washing machine stain-free. Finally, use a cold-water soak to remove stains on clothing designed with delicate materials.

The best washing machines provide several settings for washing your clothes. For most types of apparel, the hotter the water, the cleaner your clothes will be after each cycle. Just make sure to follow the directions printed on the label of each of the clothes you plan to put through the wash cycle.

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