Monday, March 28, 2022

Why You Need to Sort Your Laundry by Color

As one of the most important residential laundry services, separating clothes by color can prolong the life of apparel and other types of washables. Although skipping the sorting stage of the laundry process does not necessarily mean you return to a washer full of damaged clothes, separating your apparel represents a good idea for several reasons.

Why Should I Separate Clothes?

You have several reasons to take a few minutes before doing laundry by separating your clothes. Sorting brighter colors from darker colors prevent the darker colors from bleeding into the lighter colors. Sorting clothes also match the washing temperature for different colors. The timeless instruction of hot water for whites and cold water for darks still applies when you do laundry. Another reason to separate clothes is based on materials. For example, you do not want to put a zippered jacket in the same wash cycle as a delicate silk shirt. Some types of laundry, such as socks and athletic gear, require sanitizing before going through a wash cycle.

If you use our popular laundry pick-up service, we will separate your clothes for you before washing and drying them. This is especially important for dress shirt laundry, which typically consists of dress shirts that come in a wide variety of colors.

What Are the Benefits of Sorting Your Laundry?

Ensuring your clothes retain their original colors represents the most important benefit of separating clothes before tossing them into a washing machine. Organizing similar types of apparel also helps your clothes last longer.

Every type of color and material requires you to separate clothes based on wash cycle temperatures. When you sort by color, you minimize the risk of a darker color bleeding into a lighter color. Yes, the occasional stray dark-colored sock can taint the appearance of a white dress shirt, but if you sort and then review what you have sorted, you should avoid the color bleeding problem.

Sorting also helps you organize your clothes by hamper. When a set of similar clothes finish the drying process, you place every one of the clothes into the same hamper. Separating clothes also allows you to organize by where you store your clothes. For example, you can sort your clothes by placing some in a dresser and other types of clothing on a rack in the bedroom closet.

The Bottom Line

Sorting your clothes before doing laundry helps you retain the original appearance of your apparel. One of the best reasons to sort your clothes is you can enjoy the time-saving benefit of wash and fold laundry. Laundry Care Express offers this service to help you stay organized when storing your clothes.

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