Wednesday, March 30, 2022

How Does Montessori Preschool Compare to Traditional Public Schools?

Montessori preschool is a different type of education than you will find in traditional school systems. The Montessori Method is self-pacing and allows children to learn by doing. The differences are numerous, but these 4 examples demonstrate how Montessori compares to traditional schools.
Love of Learning

At the core of the Montessori Method, encouraging and nurturing children's natural love of learning is where Montessori education begins. Maria Montessori recognized that children are like a dry sponge nurturing that desire to learn, she reasoned that kids can be invested in their own education in surprisingly successful ways.
Active Versus Passive Education

Montessori is a hands-on learning environment, compared to the remote memorization of textbook data employed by public schools. Another of Maria Montessori's observations was how much quicker children picked up new information when they were able to physically engage with it. Some studies show that kids who learn with play-based activities have a higher retention rate and are more likely to explore new information on their own.

Expanded Work Periods and Self-Pacing

Not all children learn at the same rate. To account for this, Montessori classrooms are divided into 3-year age groups, and employ 2 hour work periods to give children more time to learn a task before moving on to something different. The age grouping also benefits self-esteem and personal responsibility as each child moves from among the youngest to among the oldest children in the class.

Montessori Teachers

Behind your child's Montessori education is a teacher who has been specially trained in the Montessori Method and how to effectively use the prepared environment. Montessori schools tend to have a higher than average rate of tenure, and because children remain with the same teacher for several years Montessori instructors are better able to build individual rapport with their students and guide them carefully from one stage to the next.

Montessori began as a method of teaching children with learning or behavior. Since then-- over a century ago-- Montessori has spread across the globe and gained recognition as one of the best approaches to early childhood development. And on top of all that, Montessori students learn important social skills, and develop the ability to think critically about the world they live in.

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