Friday, May 27, 2022

Best Ways to Fold Your Clothes

One of the reasons why you should consider residential laundry services is to enlist the help of a professional to fold your clothes properly. Although some people look at folding laundry as a relaxing repetitive chore, most of us can do without the time-consuming activity. Another reason to hire a licensed business to fold your laundry is to create much more storage space in the bedroom dresser and walk-in closet for your apparel.

Then, we have the issue of visual appeal. A professional wash and fold laundry service eliminates the unsightly wrinkles that diminish the appearance of your clothes. Finally, professionally folding your laundry makes your clothes last longer because they are not bunched together to produce quality-diminishing pulling and tugging.

With all the advantages of having a business that provides residential laundry services folding your clothes, you might find yourself occasionally having to do the chore. Let’s discover the best way to fold your clothes.


Although it is convenient to bunch t-shirts together into a pile that sits in a dresser drawer. You can do much better by folding one side of each t-shirt toward the center of the fabric. Fold the sleeve away from the center of the shirt and repeat the folding process with the other side of the s-shirt. Fold the collar backward to the bottom hem to shorten the fabric to fit inside a dresser drawer.

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts deserve the meticulous care of a dry cleaning service. Sometimes, time is short and you have to clean the high-quality apparel yourself. Folding involves turning one side of the shirt into the middle and then flipping both sleeves backward before folding the garment again. Complete the folding process by shortening the fabric lengthwise to turn the dress short into a rectangular shape.


You do not have to take up valuable closet space by hanging pants. Place one leg on top of the second leg with the back pockets facing toward the ceiling. Fold the garment in half at the knees by bringing the hem just below the waistline to create a lengthy rectangular shape. Do the same move again to reduce the pants to one-third of its original size.


If you have enough closet space, hanging sweaters represents the preferred way to store the garments. To fit easily into a dresser drawer, fold the arms across the fabric and make sure to keep the folded arms parallel to the hem. Fold each side one-third of the way towards the center of the garment before you fold the sweater in half by the length of the apparel.

Socks and Underwear

The last garments on our folding list often end up bunched up in the same dresser drawer. Socks just require matching a pair and then folding each sock in half by tucking the big toe beneath the fabric. Underwear is simply a fold in half move to give you more room to store clothing accessories in the same convenient location.

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