Monday, June 27, 2022

Why Use a Laundry Pick Up Service?

When you think of residential laundry services, you probably picture taking your clothes to Laundry Care Express to have everything perfectly cleaned according to the proper instructions. However, you can have us provide a laundry pickup service, which means you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to drop off laundry and then return later in the day to pick up your clothes.

Why should you use a laundry pickup service? Let’s find out.

Time is Money

Many of our customers think that signing up for a laundry pickup service that also delivers clean clothes is a waste of money. Yes, you spend a little more money each month on a laundry pickup and delivery service. However, the time that you save by staying home allows you to spend more time making money.

Our residential laundry services end up being cost-effective in the long run.

Fast Service

Have you ever dragged out the time it takes to do your laundry because, let’s face it, you hate putting your clothes through several wash and dry cycles? Maybe your favorite television show comes on or another distraction makes it easy to take a break from doing laundry.

At Laundry Care Express, we finish your laundry much faster than you do at home. Our dedicated team of laundry professionals stays on the job until we get the job done right. We operate several machines at the same time to shorten the time it takes to wash and dry your clothes.

Quality Cleaning

Getting a highly-rated business such as Laundry Care Express to pick up and deliver your laundry ensures you receive the highest quality of apparel after we are done. Think about getting clothes back that look and smell fresh, as well as do not contain wrinkles. Yes, we fold your clothes after we are through cleaning them.


Think about sitting at home, running errands, or giving yourself the day off, while a business like Laundry Care Express washes and dries your clothes. You determine when we pick up your clothes, as well as when you want us to drop off your laundry. Hiring a laundry pickup service allows you to organize your schedule to account for the freed-up time because you no longer have to wash and dry your clothes.

One-Stop Residential Laundry Services

When you choose to have Laundry Care Express pick up and drop off your laundry, you also can choose to get some of your clothes dry-cleaned at the same time. Having the option to use a one-stop service for all your laundry needs makes it even more convenient to have a reputable business pick up and drop off your laundry.


The washers and dryers that we use are more energy-efficient than the washers and dryers operated at home. Less energy consumed means less stress on the environment. Laundry Care Express also uses the most environmentally-friendly detergents to ensure no harm comes to our delicate ecosystem.

The next time you consider spending an entire weekend afternoon doing laundry, change the way you look at doing laundry by bringing your clothes into Laundry Care Express. Our laundry pickup service is a convenient way to get your laundry clean, while also saving you time and giving you more flexibility to manage your busy schedule.


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