Monday, June 27, 2022

4 Ways You Can Improve Your Child's Reading Skills at Home

All Montessori preschool children need to learn to read, and you can help your child improve her reading skills at home. As her most valuable role model, encouraging her to enjoy reading begins by displaying traits that indicate to her that you value reading yourself. In addition to that, these 4 tips for improving reading skills can make the difference between looking forward to reading a book and choosing to leave books idle on the shelf.

1. Read to Her

As early as childbirth-- and some parents begin even before birth-- you can demonstrate the magic and mystery of reading by reading out loud to your preschool child. As soon as she is old enough to follow along with you as you read, let her look at the words and pictures, and discuss the meaning of the things being read.

2. Books Must Be Accessible

One of the key traits of the Montessori Method is the prepared environment, and one of the facets of that environment is the "Children's House" where everything from artwork to workstations is laid out from the perspective of the child. You may not be able to duplicate a complete children's house in your home, but you can rearrange the bookshelf so that your child's books are at her eye level and easy to get to. This gives her the freedom to make choices about reading material, and the choices she makes will help you better understand how to engage her in reading.

3. Explore Her Reading Preferences

Talk to her about the things she likes. Does she prefer books that explore the world, or books about children who have adventures in them? Would she rather flip through a book about a puppy, or one about giraffes? By getting to know your daughter's personal preferences, you can supply reading material that engages her more intently, a major step toward building strong reading skills.

4. Vocabulary Game

A preschool child has a limited vocabulary, mostly because she has yet to be exposed to a vast majority of the language she speaks. Make a game of building her vocabulary by naming and spelling the names of things you encounter during the day. Write down a couple of "words of the day" and let her practice writing them, using them in sentences, and emphasizing those words throughout the course of the day.

Reading is one of the most important educational skills because the ability to read and comprehend opens the door for a child to learn everything else. Take advantage of every opportunity to help your daughter develop and expand her reading skills.

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