Wednesday, November 30, 2022

4 Reasons a Residential Laundry Service Is a Great Idea

Doing laundry is one of the least favorite household chores for most people. Not only does it take considerable time to wash, dry, fold, and store your clothes, but doing laundry also is considered a boring chore. How do you shake the laundry blues? The answer is to delegate the household chore to one of the best residential laundry services.

The best residential laundry services transform your dirty clothes, as well as fold them neatly within 24 hours of you dropping off a load. Even better, you can opt for a pickup and delivery service that frees up even more of your time to devote your attention to more important matters. We have just scratched the service about why you should consider delegating washing and drying your clothes to one of the best residential laundry services.

Let’s review four more reasons why a residential laundry service is a great idea.

Save Money

You might be thinking, “How does hiring a professional laundry service save me money?” Yes, you pay a fee to have your clothes washed, dried, and folded, but the money you spend to outsource your laundry pales in comparison to the value of costly utility bills, as well as paying for a washer and dryer. Outsourcing your laundry to one of the best residential laundry services dramatically reduces your monthly water and energy bills. Not only do you save hundreds of dollars by not having to purchase a washer and dryer, but you also do not have to deal with costly maintenance and repair bills.


By convenience, we mean outsourcing your laundry to a highly-rated business such as Laundry Care Express saves you a substantial amount of time. With standard wash cycles lasting around 30 minutes and a thorough dryer setting lasting another 45 minutes, you have just saved 75 minutes of your time. Add in the time it takes to fold and store your laundry, and we are talking about saving more than two hours every time you do laundry.

Convenience also involves not having to do your laundry during the short windows you get a couple of times a week.


Our facility consists of several advanced machines that significantly reduce the time it takes to wash clothes, and especially to dry them as well. By investing in state-of-the-art dryers, we have the capability to finish larger orders for the fraction of the time it takes to dry clothes at home. Think about the speed of turning around a residential laundry order within 24 hours. If we pick up your laundry first thing in the morning, our schedule often allows us to return your clean clothes before the end of the business day. This includes washing and folding your clothes for proper storage.


The best residential laundry services deliver clean clothes that remain in mint condition. Some residential laundry services do not invest in the types of advanced machines that prevent the tearing and ripping of fabric. At Laundry Care Express, our customers enjoy receiving clean clothes that retain their original appearance. We take pride in delivering clothes that look like they just came off the rack at a department store.

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