Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Teaching Kindergarteners About the Benefits of Giving Back During Holidays

Giving helps kindergarten children feel good about themselves and those around them. During the holidays, the bustling activity and exciting festivities are perfect opportunities to practice grace and courtesy by taking the time to give a little more of themselves to others.

Random Acts of Kindness

We are all familiar with the warm feeling we get when we do something to help another person. For Montessori kindergarten children, offering to help other people-- including picking up an item someone dropped, offering to help carry packages, etc-- will give them that great emotional boost. Whatever the kind act may be, giving without asking builds self-esteem and earns respect.

Household Helpers

Young kids like to feel like they are a functioning part of the family, and helping with various tasks during the busy holiday season is a great way to include them in family life. Helping with measuring, pouring, and stirring in the kitchen is both helpful and educational. There are a lot of things going on during the holidays and children will appreciate the opportunity to be big helpers.

The Gift of Gratitude

Being grateful for what we have is what the holidays are all about, and the season is perfect for children to discover the power of gratefulness-- both by receiving it when they do well and giving it when others are nice to them. Social skills are an important social development, and developing those skills requires plenty of practice interacting with people who can offer guidance and acknowledge success.

Time is a Precious Gift

For everyone involved, spending time with loving friends and relatives is the most precious thing we can offer. Small children have the benefit of getting to know family members they don't see very often and learning about their family's culture and traditions by being invited to take part in activities like singing carols, decorating the home, and more.

Acknowledge Efforts

Remember that gratitude goes both ways, and children thrive from having their efforts praised. Make allowance for mistakes by offering positive encouragement rather than criticism. The holiday season is a time for giving, and kindness is a priceless gift to give.

A lot of what children know about social behavior comes from what they observe in others. Parents and teachers should keep in mind that they are always being scrutinized for clues about behavior and actions, and provide a suitable role model. Try to avoid becoming irate, and remember to observe the social graces whenever your children are with you.

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