Friday, September 11, 2015

Cultural Diversity In The Preschool Environment

The Right School

It is difficult to choose which preschool will offer the best opportunity for your child to learn. The formative years are very impressionable so there is a lot of pressure to make the ‘right’ choice. Children thrive in a preschool program that will not only help with academic learning, but also experiential learning.

Whatever type of school environment you choose, they will share a classroom with children who come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. This gives your child the opportunity to learn about others as well as how different cultures and religions perceive similar situations.

Diversity in Preschool

One of the best programs available for preschoolers is at a Montessori school. These schools concentrate on helping a child learn through discovery. Instead of having children memorize lessons and take standardized tests, the instructors work with each child individually so that she can learn more from her surroundings.

Montessori schools respect the individuality of each child as she discovers the world on her own terms. During this discovery, children learn how to interact with others who have different backgrounds. Montessori programs welcome the diversity that comes from each child. In fact, the core principle of the school is accepting diversity as a way to gain better knowledge, understanding and acceptance of those cultural variances.

Any differences help a Montessori school grow. The more a child is exposed to other cultures and upbringings, the more they will learn about themselves and the importance of interacting with others in the school. Effective schools can encourage children to:
  • Build an environment of peace, equality and justice
  • Support inclusion and teamwork
  • Embrace curiosity about differences in others
  • Recognize and discard prejudices

Schools with this kind of cultural diversity are found throughout California. Montessori programs are offered in all nine Bay Area counties. We welcome you to contact us to schedule a tour to see for yourself how the children learn and respond to this type of environment and curriculum.

Every Montessori program is instilled with the same fundamental principles of:
  •      Respect for Earth and humanity
  • ·      Integrity in everything
  •     Patience in child development

Your children will come to know the importance and benefit of cultural diversity through their own involvement rather than from a book. Contact our school in Fremont today to see this process in action.

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