Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Montessori Work Stations

Dr. Maria Montessori from Italy grew up in a family of modest means. In her time women didn't become doctors and in fact were seldom educated. Dr. Montessori earned a degree in Rome with her specialty being a pediatric nurse. She began her practice with the mentally disabled and went on to practice theories she had in a school for working class families. It was there she developed the concept to "follow the child". The flow of the school was to be based on the child, and the teachers were their guides- not task masters. Dr. Montessori’s concepts and techniques continue in the present day Montessori schools named after this incredible pioneer.

What your child can learn from this teaching method established by Dr. Montessori in the practical life work station concept is based on your child's needs and interests. The educational methods used today in the Montessori

* Practical life- In this area your child will be given the materials needed for his or hers everyday life activities. This is an area intended to teach your child how to care for themselves and to feel independent. They are taught simple actions such as pouring from a jug to a drinking glass or how to tie their own shoes.

* Sensorial- This area teaches your child to appreciate colors and textures. It allows them to refine their senses and organize their thoughts and objects in their everyday world.

* Language- Starting with the sounds in a word your child will learn language through progressive type lessons. These lessons will build as your child understands the concepts leading up to knowing the rules of spelling and reading.

* Mathematics- Starting with learning on how to count from one to ten and then applying those numbers to specific amount of items is taught to your child though a "hands-on" approach to visualize the connection. The Montessori learning system will make sure your child fully understands all concepts of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

Your child is going to be allowed to learn at the Montessori school at his or her own pace. They will not allow your child to feel as though it is a struggle to learn. Contact our bay area school today to see just how practical this method of schooling your child really is.

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