Friday, September 11, 2015

Preschool Games That Teach Cooperation

When children are in preschool, it is the perfect time to start teaching them how to cooperate with one another. Cooperation is a fundamental skill that will stay with them throughout their lifetime. The best way to teach kids this age anything is through playing games. There are a few games that you can play with preschoolers to teach them to cooperate with each other and work together.

Lost Rabbit

  • Begin by hiding a stuffed rabbit somewhere in the room.
  • Tell the children a story about a rabbit that gets lost in the room and cannot find his way back home.
  •  Give the children clues throughout the story about where the rabbit could be lost.
  • After the story, give the children a chance to talk together about the clues that they picked up on, and let them find the rabbit.
  •  After he his found, complete the story by telling the children that if they didn't work together as a team, the rabbit never would have made it home.

Cooperation Blocks

Give each child 4 blocks and tell him to build a house. Let each of them them know that they can either try to build the house alone or they can work together to make the best house possible. While they are building the house together, remind them that they never could have built such a good house if they weren't working together.

Musical Hula Hoops

  • This game is similar to musical chairs. However instead of having the children compete, they have to work together.
  • Set up several hula hoops in a room.
  • Play some music and when it stops, the children must be in a hoop. More than one child can go in a hoop.
  • As the game goes on, remove one hoop at a time.
  • The children must help each other get into a hoop, even when there are just a few left.
  • When all of the children are stuffed into the last hoop and they won the game, remind them that they could not have done it if they weren't working together.

The best way to teach children anything is to make learning fun. These cooperation games will teach children how to work together without making it feel like work.

Cooperation is an important life skill and the sooner you start teaching it the better. Call to schedule a tour of our preschool in Pleasanton today.

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