Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Importance of the Preschool Library Corner

Children develop reading habits when they are young, and exceptional reading habits begin early. If you want to promote kindergarten readiness, the key is to introduce literature to children in preschool. Doing so fosters a love of reading and language arts and promotes earlier literacy. A preschool library corner is home to picture books, board books, early readers, and comfortable seating, and it is in a distinct area of the classroom. 

Creating a library corner promotes critical thinking skills, enhances creativity, and social development.

Literacy Skills

If you want to promote early literacy skill, it is a good idea to provide a variety of different books in your library corner. Books should vary in type and reading level. Books of poetry and rhyming books help teach children phonological awareness. Books about counting help children learn to recognize numbers and helps them learn to count. Alphabet books help children recognize letters, learn their names, and learn the sounds each letter represents. Your preschool library should also include oversized books that can be used as tools to help teach them how to handle books, point out letters, words, and utilize other features.

Creativity and Critical Thinking

Library corners help preschool children develop creativity and critical thinking skills. It’s a good idea to read both nonfiction and fiction books to preschool children and then engage them in focused and free discussions about the books. Ask them questions that help them relate the contents of the books to their own lives, and encourage them to compare the book with other books they know well. It’s also a good idea to have kids try and predict what happens next in the book you are reading. These activities help children learn to express themselves.

Social Development

A library corner is a place where kids can be exposed to different group reading activities, and this helps preschoolers learn social skills. Reading books to groups of children helps them learn to pay attention during large group activities. Group reading also helps children learn to take turns and how to share.

Ready for Kindergarten

A preschool library corner helps children get ready for kindergarten by improving their literacy and teaching them listening skills. Children entering kindergarten need to know how to hold a book, turn its pages, and figure out how the pictures relate to the story. Library corners boost these skills. 

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