Thursday, November 19, 2015

Deciding Which Montessori Preschool is Right for You

Finding the right preschool program will involve not only the search for nearby school locations, but also personal interaction with teachers and a first hand glance at the classroom environment of each program. An important aspect to finding the right preschool for your child is to find a school that is accredited. Since the Montessori method is not patented, anyone can claim to have a Montessori school, even if they do not. Accreditation from the American Montessori Society (AMS) gives you the guarantee that the school you choose for your children is teaching them in the Montessori method and not some other way.

There are certain factors that set a Montessori preschool program apart from the rest. In the classroom, there will be an emphasis on choice for the students. Children that have fun learn more and learn faster. The children will have opportunities to advance at their own pace through their choices, not according to arbitrary curriculum mandates. You will find many different learning tools in a Montessori classroom and children that are allowed to move freely between them to explore and learn about the possibilities presented. The teacher will be involved with students’ explorations and able to answer any of the students’ questions or requests for assistance. However, Montessori teachers are there simply to guide and not lead. It’s this kind of learning that makes the Montessori method so successful, especially at the preschool age when children are able to absorb knowledge at an exponential rate.

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