Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Learning Through Nature

Innovative Montessori education encourages children to explore their world and to learn to respect and understand the life forms that exist. Children develop creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, concentration, persistence, motivation, imagination, discipline, and other important skills that are needed for their natural development.

Botany activities are child-centered and use live plants, flowers, fruits and seedlings to help them develop an appreciation for nature. Digging in the dirt, weeding, and later being able to enjoy the results of smelling the flowers and eating the fruits and vegetables is a connection to the earth that can last a lifetime.

Zoology develops the child’s fascination with animals and teaches them about their habits and needs. Being able to feed and take care of an animal is very fulfilling to a child and develops the feeling of being able to learn and do any type of task.

Children, if allowed to develop freely, prove that they are connected to everything and are naturally caring about the world around them. It is up to the teachers and programs to help them be all that they can be as they engage in meaningful and also fun activities.  Children work in groups and individually in a hands-on environment to discover and explore knowledge of the world and to develop their maximum potential at a Montessori school such as a Newark preschool.

Montessori methods give children the gift to explore the world around them so that they can learn to further enjoy and improve it in future years for the betterment of the planet’s inhabitants.

Parents of prospective students can feel free to take a scheduled or walk-in tour Monday to Friday.  View the extraordinary classrooms and outdoor play areas at our nearbyNewark preschool. See how each child’s individual interests and strengths are nurtured as they move and learn at their own enthusiastic pace and also learn to interact with other children and in teams. 

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