Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What is a Prepared Environment?

Our preschool in Newark follows the Montessori's idea of a prepared environment. This idea is that everything your child comes in contact with will maximize his or her independent learning and exploration. The environment is setup to be well ordered and calm so your child is free to choose their activity and learn at their own pace.
There are six principles to the prepared environment to ensure the success of your child:

It is believed your child must be free to follow his or her own natural impulses. This allows them to develop their potential and increase their knowledge of the world around them. The prepared environment will give your child the freedom to explore and interact socially.

Structure and Order
It may seem structure and order are opposite to the freedom concept; however, this is far from the truth. In the prepared environment of the Montessori school, structure and order reflect the sense of the universe's structure and order. This enables your child to make sense of the world he or she lives in.

The environment at the preschool in Fremont follows the Montessori prepared environment concept of presenting beauty. Your child's environment should suggest a simple harmony and be uncluttered and well-maintained. They strive to create an atmosphere that invites your child to come in and work.

Nature and Reality
Montessori schools have a deep respect for nature. They believe nature should be used to inspire your child and will often have your child outside rather than stuck in a classroom. Natural materials are preferred in the prepared environment over those of synthetics or plastic. The environment will also be child sized, as your child should not have to be dependent on an adult to move around. All tools and furniture are fitted to your child's size enabling their independence to explore and learn.
Social Environment
Through the freedom to interact in the prepared environment, your child will learn to have a sense of compassion for those around them. They will learn social interaction through work and play.

Intellectual Environment
The prepared environment of the Montessori school is to develop your child's whole personality, not just their intellect. Your child will be provided the freedom to fully develop his or her unique potential through appropriate and sensorial materials.

Call today and schedule a tour of Montessori School in Newark. We’d love to show you our prepared environment and help you discover if Montessori is right for you and your child.

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