Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Montessori for Children with Autism

If your child has been diagnosed as having autism you may want to consider enrolling them in a Montessori School in your area. There your child can experience the success he or she deserves from the prepared environment and predictable daily routine offered to children with special needs.

Montessori special needs classes are designed around what your child seeks with hands-on learning and continuous stimulation to promote sensory engagement from all of the students. They understand the special care needed to create an environment that will feel friendly to your child. They will provide your child with:

  • Softened lights as fluorescent lights can be overwhelming to a child with autism.
  • Fabrics and other materials that do not cause them to become uncomfortable as children with autism can be highly sensitive to touching items.
  • Scheduled activities/routines and make sure your child is aware of how the day will proceed. Children with autism do not like change or surprises that stray from their routine. 

Montessori staff will make sure your child is fully aware and ready for any special situations. Special needs classes are designed for your child to learn and practice appropriate social interactions. Your child will benefit from the opportunity he or she will have to observe how others interact around them. They will learn how to make eye contact during conversations and how to engage in conversation with others. They will be given the freedom of watching other children use materials before they are asked to participate.

The Montessori curriculum will allow your child to feel safe. They will be part of a secure environment that will allow him or her to learn and grow at their own pace. Research shows early intervention makes a dramatic impact and reduces the symptoms of autism. At the Montessori schools teachers use unique strategies to serve children with learning, behavioral and physical differences.

The roots of the Montessori education come from observing and educating handicapped children. They are will ensure your child benefits from their educational philosophy and carefully structured environment. They will empower disabled children to care for themselves and learn sufficient skills to succeed in social interactions.

Your child will grow and succeed within the Montessori special needs classes. Don't wait. Schedule a tour today of our Fremont, CA school and see for yourself all we can offer you and your child.

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