Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Montessori Teacher's Role in the Classroom

The Montessori learning method is a popular option for numerous parents and professionals in the field of early childhood development. The main focus of the Montessori school approach allows the children to learn naturally in a well-prepared environment. Unlike a regular school teacher, the Montessori teacher has a different role in promoting a learning environment. 

The Role of the Montessori School Teacher

A Montessori teacher prepares the learning environment with a wide variety of educational resources. The various well-prepared activities and learning resources help foster independence and individual personalities. The primary role of the Montessori teacher includes:

  • Placing all children at the center of the learning environment and educational activities. The ages of the children within the classroom vary which allows for a family structure type environment, which helps in promoting a positive learning atmosphere. .
  • By showing each child respect, kindness and conflict resolution, the Montessori teacher demonstrates appropriate behavior.  
  • Allows all the children the freedom to explore the different educational resources at their own pace in a structured environment. By being an active participant in the learning environment, the child develops a natural curiosity to continuing learning. The Montessori teacher works with one or two children at a time to help promote learning.
  • Observes each child to focus on individual learning interests. By observing the child, the teacher will be able to add new activities and resources to help promote further learning.
  • Prepares an educational, self-learning environment with age appropriate materials and activities.
  • Treats each child in a respectful manner while encouraging learning and conflict resolution. .
  • Spends quality time introducing and demonstrating new materials to help promote continuous learning.
  • Gives resources for children to teach self-correction in order to learn how to recognize errors in their own work. The children use the self-assessment as a tool to correct and learning from mistakes.

The Montessori teacher provides subtle guidance to all children with educational resources. The primary focus is designed to allow the children to be curious, self-directed learners based on personal interests. The teacher spends more time observing while children learn new materials. If you believe this type of child-centered learning environment would be beneficial for your child, please contact the Bay Area Montessori schools for more information. 

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