Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Montessori Birthday Celebration

We all like to be remembered on that one special day each year that we think of as our own. Our birthday is a day for loved ones and friends to acknowledge that we are important to them. Your child will receive a celebration of their special day at Montessori Children’s House. Following the Montessori principles your child will know they are special and be shown how to connect with their place in the world.

The Montessori birthday celebration is about your child's journey. The journey is personalized around your child: from her birth to the present day, with a walk down a lane full of their memories. The lane is filled with photos of her, funny stories about her and many of her favorite times. Based on the Montessori principles many of the schools use a sun to symbolize the center of your child's existence. They also use the months, a candle and a globe to show how time has passed since she was born.

As the parent you will be asked to present a picture of each year of your child's life and to share a short story in writing to go with each photo. This information from you will allow your child to do her birthday walk around the sun. This journey around the sun, with photos and stories all about her represent the Montessori principles of your child finding his or her place in the world around them.

Your child and her friends will all circle the sun with your child standing behind the picture of her birth. The candle will be lit to symbolize her birth and the stories will be shared from this day until she reaches the marker for age one. At this point your child begins the journey around the sun one time holding the globe and stops when she reaches her birth point. This is one method Montessori schools use to help your child celebrate their birth and recognize how special they are through the stories you will share. 

You will be amazed and warmed when you see the response from your daughter's friends and how they too recognize this special time and your special child. Contact our Fremont Montessori school today and begin your child's journey through a learning environment designed around her needs.

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