Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hands-On Learning in School

The method that a teacher uses in elementary school is just as important as what he teaches. One of the best methods of teaching that a teacher uses is hands-on learning. Hands-on learning has several benefits over lecture and memorization learning during their kindergarten education.

Inspires a Love of Learning

When children listen to a lecture or watch the teacher demonstrate a concept, children will not feel passion for knowledge the way they would if they had a hands-on experience. When children learn while doing, they will be more personally involved with what they are learning. When they begin to understand, they will feel more confident. When a child is allowed to come to their own conclusion through hands-on learning, the confidence that they gain will instill a love of learning. It will make them want to seek out more knowledge.

Encourages Experimentation

When students learn a concept that has been demonstrated, the teacher will expect them to demonstrate their comprehension of what they have been taught. This is often done through tests, which can put a great deal of pressure on children. If they did not retain the information or make mistakes, it will result in a poor grade. When teachers use a hands-on approach, it gives children a chance to make mistakes, and then learn from them. Children will enjoy experimenting and making mistakes to come up with the correct answers.

Aids in Comprehension

Hands-on learning requires students to learn by using their senses, such as hearing, sight, and touch. When students use their senses to learn, they will better comprehend the material. If a teacher is teaching addition facts on the blackboard, students are watching but may not comprehend.

Improves Knowledge Retention

It is normal for people to create ways to retain information when they are learning. When teachers use a hands-on approach in the classroom, it gives their students a chance to use tactile equipment, which would help them retain what they are learning. When students come to conclusions on their own, they will have a better chance of remembering what they are learning than if the teacher relayed the information during a lecture.

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