Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Teaching Life Skills to Small Children

A Montessori kindergarten program is geared to begin the teaching of important life skills to the youngest of children in ways appropriate to them. Various enjoyable activities deal with independence and self-worth, taking care of the child’s own person, the development of motor skills, taking care of the environment, learning courteous behavior, learning how to resolve conflicts, and more.

Building Confidence

Adding to the child’s self-worth is a primary life skill, and each time he or she completes a chore or makes someone happy, that increases confidence. Early learning in a kindergarten program will follow throughout life.

Motor Skills

The simple chores of dressing, grooming, folding laundry, easy food preparation such as making toast or tearing lettuce for a salad or spreading peanut butter, sweeping the floor, putting purchases into a shopping cart, spooning small objects from one container to another, and other movements are essential for the development of the intellect and motor skills.  

Organizing and De-cluttering

Cleaning up after making a mess, learning how to put books and craft materials back in their proper places, disposing of anything damaged or broken, and giving to others items no longer wanted are skills that will be of benefit for a lifetime.  

The Environment

Children delight in taking care of their surroundings. They can arrange and water flowers, grow other types of plants, feed fish or other small classroom pets, sweep up spills, and learn about the environment.

Conflict Resolution

Misunderstandings are a natural component of social relationships, and children love to act out scenarios in which they have to deal with taking directions, playing in a fair manner, and how to resolve conflicts. Learning to disagree while maintaining respect for the other party and self-control takes years to learn but is definitely worth the effort.

Courteous Behavior

Working and playing together gives students a chance to see the advantages of living in a caring and peaceful community. Learning how to greet people graciously, using "please" and "thank you," showing everyday kindness, and welcoming a new student into the class are good examples.

Come and see for yourself  

You are welcome to schedule a tour at your our Montessori school in the Bay Area to learn more about this impressive kindergarten program that will begin your child’s ability to deal with everyday life and be a training ground to eventually go out into the world as a responsible and caring adult.

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