Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Early Math Concepts for Children

If you have ever sat and stared at one of those math problems that come up on your Facebook feed, you are not alone. Just the other day there was a math problem going around with horses, boots, and horseshoes. Math is everywhere in our day to day lives and without a strong foundation, it can be hard to even answer the simplest of math questions.

Starting your child early on math concepts can make a big difference when it comes to a lifelong love and understanding of math.

Teaching Early Math Concepts on a Daily Basis

There is no need for preschoolers to sit down and do a math sheet every day; quite often, this will just lead to frustration. Instead, add math into your everyday activities and play. Whether you are at home or you are out and about, you can start to incorporate early math concepts into your day.

Early Math Activities

Here are some math activities you can use to help your child get a head start in math.
  • Count it Out - Counting everything may seem a little redundant, but it can help a lot. Count out snacks on a plate, all the yellow cars you see as you drive, and toys as you put them away.
  • Sorting - Sorting laundry, blocks, buttons or any other small objects can help your child start to understand size, shape, and patterns.
  • Tell the Time - This is one of the foundational pieces of math. Bring attention to the clock during the day, let your child know what time it is, and have them look at the clock. Create a clock with a paper plate that your child can play with themselves.
  • Shapes are Everywhere - You can start early on geometry by helping your child recognize shapes. Use a shape sorter at home and explain the different sides and names. When you are out and about, talk about all the different shapes you find.
  • Measurement Fun - A yard stick is a great way to get your child learning and enjoying measuring skills. Hand the yard stick to your child and head outside. Show them the numbers on the yard stick and let them have fun exploring and measuring their favorite things.
By adding these early math concepts into your day to day activities you can give your child a strong start when it comes to math.

Our Montessori schools focus on teaching math through hands-on activities and play. We have seen this learning style bring forth a greater understanding of math as your children grow. If you would love your child to have a great math foundation, contact Montessori School of Fremont today to learn more about our programs.

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